Day 12 - Smell Already?

On my first grow - white widow auto. When I opened my tent to feed this morning, I got a distinct smell of what I’m growing for the first time. I’m only 12 days in. It wasn’t strong, but it was there. And my sense of smell isn’t all that - as I’ve lived with allergies all my life. Is this normal?

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Yes, especially after lights on for a while. They look nice by the way.


Thanks! Right now, lights are 24/0 (thinking of going 20/4 or 18/6 at start of week 3). I had some curling edges earlier… so I backed the light off a bit and they relaxed. :slight_smile: This is their first week getting nutes and so far they seem to be liking it. Averaging about 80 deg / 65% relH.

At this point go 18/6

What soil are you using?

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I’ve actually got a grow diary set up here: