Day 11 on the ilgm sweet mix(how do they look)

Gelato is the smaller, yet taller of the 2.

Day 11 on the zkittles/gelato by ilgm.
Light is at 22” and at 80% on the spiderfarmer sf1000.
Daytime temp right around 75 degrees, with an average of 50% humidity.
This is my first grow, and I’m curious how they are looking? Are they a bit yellow? Possible light burn?

I’m in happy frog soil, letting the soil do its job.


I think they look great. The top new growth coming out each time is always lighter/ more lime green than the lower growth already established :wink:

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They look sweet
Get it? Sweet mix?

Seriously they look great


Shweet! My buddy is growing photos and I notice his are much darker green. But also his plants are 6 weeks in.
Thanks for the SWEETwords!

Awww yeee, that’s the reply I needed :slight_smile:

Can’t say without seeing them but it sounds as though your buddy might have nitrogen toxicity

Dark green waxy looking leaves indicates too much nitrogen