Day 1 Grow Journal, 2 x White Widow...first grow ever!

So, here I am, beginning my first grow and I’m so excited! Received 10 WW seeds yesterday and started germinating two seeds this morning via the paper towel method. I was going through my gardening items and found a seed starter kit with the peat plugs that you re-hydrate and place under a little terrarium until leaves start to poke through but that’s still a little while away.

The paper towel is dampened, placed in a zip lock baggie, and is toasty warm in my grow tent that’s darkened and at a pleasant 77 degrees. I’ll check it tomorrow and see if I see any activity.


Good luck! White widow is a yummy.


Good luck on your new grow it is a lot of fun .


Congrats and good luck on the new grow

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I am on day 4 of my grow…white widow fem auto from ilgm. Been 25 years since my last grow…almost had a cop find that one because of my dog barking in the early morning.

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@Capt_Seeweed I’ve never grown it and haven’t smoked it in 30 years…the first hit will be pretty interesting. LOL!!


Congrats! Have fun


You will love the euphoria effect as it sensationalize your body and you can almost feel the CBD release instantly as soon as you feel the high come on but don’t chug on it are you cough your lungs out . You not growing that Mexican compress weed , this is a whole new level from that Sir .


I keep hearing that @yoshi, slow and steady and find the dose that works for me and doesn’t put me out for the count!

Day 2

I peaked in on the two little WW seeds, not expecting anything, and there were two itty, bitty roots poking through! I think I’m going to give it one more day and let the root get a bit longer so they have a better chance in the seedling pods that I have waiting for them.

FYI, I have a chilly basement that has a very cold cement floor that the grow tent is setting on. I had the idea of putting heating pad (the kind I use on my back, purchased at Walgreens), wrapped in a towel, at the bottom and laid the baggy with the seeds on it. No lights on, just the space heater and it’s holding at a cozy 76 degrees.

I also used one of my tomato seed germination tricks when I put the seeds in the paper towel yesterday. I use a small sprinkle of Mykos (purchased at Amazon a long time ago, I think they still sell it) on the paper towel; it supposedly is beneficial bacteria that helps the roots develop stronger and better to receive nutrients…I don’t know about all that but it sure helps my tricky heirloom tomato seeds grow into producing powerhouses in the garden.

I’ll take a picture tomorrow when I put the seedlings in their pods.

Good luck with your young ladies
Post pics as you go so we can all enjoy :v:


You can buy two by two foot squares at Lowe’s or Home Depot of Styrofoam for your tent floor which will help the insulation

also I’d recommend propagation mats I’ve used them a few times on the extreme cold Night I don’t know about those other kind of mats they’re not made for gardening


@Paranorman, the Styrofoam is a good idea, I only use the heating pad for the germination and seedling phase, once they get a bit older I won’t be using it anymore…but I am going to look into the gardening mats, thanks!!

You can get a whole propagation setup for like 40 bucks the mat the high domed tray, everything

  • good luck

    …I have a thread called 5 day clones I’ll add a link later when I get a minute

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Day 3

Woke up to 3/4 inch roots coming out of both of the seeds and placed them into the seed starter plugs and then under the dome.

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Enjoy the ride bud

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how are they doing I wasn’t a big fan of those coco pellets myself hope they are working out for you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Donaldj! I’m not really a fan of them either. I need to post another picture but my camera is acting wonkey for some reason. Both of the seedlings are about an inch tall; one looks fine and has the second leaves starting to open up. The other one has the first leaves curling under and the second leaves poking through. I had a CFL over them but I wasn’t getting very much growth so I put up the 30W LED over them (about 20" over them) to see what happens. Ph on everything is between 6.0 and 6.5 so maybe they’re just generating roots. I’ll figure out a way to get pictures tomorrow and see how they respond to the LED. Thanks for asking!

Likely root generating but in Coco they need a bit lower ph I through out my remaining coco pellets they worked but were less reliable then jiffy pellets almost need to put them in soil right away since they have no ph buffer or nutrients. My ladies picked up once they’re roots got out of the coco lol

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I watered them with 6.0 ph water, they’re drinking a lot of water under the dome, but I’m thinking tomorrow I’m going to put them in the peat pots with FFOF but I’m going to flush them a bit so it isn’t too hot. For a “weed” they sure are delicate at this stage!