Day 0 (zero), is it counted?

Ok I’m new here and firstly, hello all, glad to be here to do some reading and learning and maybe if I get better at this whole gardening thing I can/will help others when I can.
Currently I am working on, still building, testing, failing, fixing again and so on, a perpetual grow Hydro Frankenstein quad box run from an Arduino.
Anyways as I was sitting around awhile back and working on ‘things’ I got to thinking about day 0…lol ya weird name I know.
Well do we count day 0…its kinda day 1…like eg…
Today is Sunday May 19 and say I started germinating a seed, today. Then tomorrow at this time it will be 24 hours later, which is 1 day, so is tomorrow day 1…from today…or is tomorrow day 2…like its the second day its been growing ?
I know 1 day isn’t much to worry about and all…just curious and thought I’d ask the community…yup bored,but nice and relaxed.

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Most important day is the day your plant has entered flowering stage, not from when the seed has been planted. This is usually the day when you see white pistils coming from the top most bud of the plant. Even autoflowering seeds are specified in flowering time. Not time from germination.


Welcome to the community, @T0Y
I researched this same thing last year, and found that most people start counting from the appearance of the first jagged leaves.


Welcome to the forum! I don’t really think a day over the course of a grow is going to change anything. So do whatever you feel works best for you. I consider day 1 when the seed is planted and above soil or whatever you’re growing in. From there, everything you do will based on the condition of the plant, and will have next to nothing to do with how hold the plant is, especially not if you’re off by a day or two.


dude how high are you lol just kidding! I know I’m being an a$$, my bad. Anywho, I think"zero" is the lack there- of, so it’s nothing. Day Nothing. So no, it is not a day to count. The question is more like “what counts as day 1”, which is mostly opinion. My vote is sprouting day. But like db said, I don’t think one day matters. lol but I can’t really walk the walk cuz I’m on my first grow still