Davis, California

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Its june 20 here in Davis ca I have some plants growing is it too late to start seeds now to get harvest before days are shorter and temp is lower.”

I don’t know about starting new seeds, but they may want to get a new calendar.

With autoflower varieties there’s plenty of time, in my opinion photoperiod seeds need to be in the ground outdoor by beginning of June at the latest if you want any size to them.

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I would check to see when your days get under about 14 hours of sunlight. From seed, I’d want at least 8 weeks.

No expert, just thinking out loud.

Here is a link to calculate daylight for your area.


Sept 29th looks like when it will dip below 12 hours of daylight in Davis. So that would give you about 10 weeks from now. That being said photos will probable start flowering when daylight gets closer to 13 hours which will be Sept 1st.