David vs Goliath indoor DWC


My Romulan plant was near death due to early root rot and even though her 21inches is overshadowed by her 41" Snowland roommate, she still is turning in some quite beautiful early flowers. Her size is the product of me learning what enough oxygen to the roots meant. She may be little, but I still adore her beauty.


Sorry for the purple pic, my tent doesn’t have any good lighting that isn’t an LED grow light.


suggest you top sooner…next grow. the tall one could have been topped much shorter. it’s kind of stretchy now.

Good luck


It looks more stretchy than it is because I trimmed off a whole lot over time, but this is my first grow and I wasn’t expecting a 70% indica hybrid to stretch to twice the size when I switched to flower her. I fimmed her twice in veg and she kept vegging 3 weeks after 12/12 so I had to give her more dark with a 10/14 light/ dark cycle. #learningcurve lol


We all learn as we go. Each grow is different. Each strain has different patterns.

I was looking at the height of the first set of branches.


Yea the bottom caught up to the top during the FIM recoveries. I switched to 10/14 on July 19th and center stem looks like this now. Luckily my LEDs give almost no heat.


I also vegged a bit longer to let my little girl recover. That’s the fun in growing 2 different strains at once I guess.


Grow you own allows you to decide most factors. I really like the LED’s that are coming out now. Bought a small one 20 yrs ago…a waste of money.
The LED’s are so much cooler and temps are a major factor. Running the A/C makes for bigger elec bills.


My LEDs have fans built in as well so I can touch them and my hand barely even feels a temp change. It’s awesome.