Dave's Adventures In New Zealand

Shit, well what a week. Oh, apologies if I’m not allowed to say shit, oops I did it again, now I’m starting to sound like Britney. How do I start off. Well a picture of me so you know who the f*ck you are talking too, in full camo gear, ready for action. Disclaimer, no buds were injured in the making of this movie


No, I’m not 69, I put that because that’s my favorite position… in the plane.
What age am I? Well, I’m any age you want me to be baby.
I will start up a grow journal but I want to get it all sorted first and get right up to the stage where I’m at now. I will do that this weekend.
Feel free to post pictures of yourselves, and/or your girlfriends.
No two bag uglies, that’s where you have to put a paper bag over your head, not just hers, in case her one tears. :joy: :joy: :joy:

It’s not that she’s ugly, she’s just trying to make you feel good, and having protection herself.

Thank god that photo didnt upload … how old is he? 58 would be a good guess

Im watching …

So wtf are you smoking in NZ??


He just smokes the yellow old leaves from the bottom of the plant :nauseated_face:


Just wanted to ID the strain for future avoidance.


Its why he grows in “smart” pots…hes hoping it rubs off on him :joy::joy: Where has he run off to?

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Oh yes, my picture.


And one for the girls for the headboard, just put a bag over my head and you’ll be right. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I was talking to my mum about Andrew & Ayla’s schoolwork.
I have a fourteen year old son and a fifteen year old daughter. :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:

Im sure ur kids dont want to be talked about in a forum …

One of my baby heads. I went out in the rain just for you daggy.

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I’m going to call it Daggy Gold, cause it tastes like him when it hits the back of your throat… :joy: :joy: I think that smart pot is working… :joy: :joy:

Cut it bro … its ready to be harvested :joy:


I see your fav thing in the world in the photo … balls

Sorry, I meant to say…cause it tastes like that…not him…

because that would be an insult to my ‘Daggy Gold’

Does your weed taste like shit? Its cause of its
Environment aye :joy: must be those pots

I have a secret ingredient…The secret ingredient of the secret growing medium is…(hint Kung Fu Panda).