Darsadeen the Afghan queen

Darsadeen is an Afghan gold auto flower. She sprouted on October 10 so today is the beginning of her eighth week. This is my first time growing and I have to admit, I’m in love with this plant.

I have photographed her from every conceivable angle, every day of her life. I don’t know what she is supposed to look like but she looks good to me.


Beautiful plant very nice

Looks great. I see you are seasoned like I am. Way more salt than pepper…:grin:

I’m older than the dirt she is planted in but who’s counting. I have a photo album named “weed porn” because some of her pictures are too sexy for her pot.


Thank you

Ur welcome here is my girl

Week 8 of flower wwa


Ill never fully grow up brother. Too late now anyway :rofl:. Wife just gave up 20 years ago.

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Wow… That looks amazing

Thank you thats grown in all natural organic nutrients and coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix


Real grownups don’t spend all their time smoking weed and fussing over pot plants. Do they? :grinning:

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I used the 5-gallon pot for pot kit and followed their instructions. They said to just add water and that is what I did. I topped the plant 3 times during her veg phase and trained her using folder clips and cotton string. She began to flower exactly 35 days from the day she sprouted.


Nice its a lovely plant keep up the the good grow