Dark time for 24-72 hours before harvest

My understanding is that this is done to increase bud density and potency? Is there a min/max time you’d want to do this for? Or is it more of a preference? Thanks for any good info.

The plant make a last ditch effort to produce so it packs on that final last push of resin trichomes and buds swell ah little and it helps the plant used all the water that’s left and help start the drying process right before hanging . I leave my plant in the grow tent with lights off for 72 hours , not even a peek cause I’ve seen the final results of this method .

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Scientifically intense light decrease resin trichomes , and plants rebuild that resin during the dark period , so by extending that dark period , the plant will produced more resin trichomes , which really make your buds super sticky and crystally .


But less energy for buds stronger but less

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24-36 hr’s and then harvest in morning - this is when thc content is greatest (terpens’s - terpoids) There is a chart that shows this - There is a graph that shows when thc is the strongest/highest.

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Yea it was either @latewood or @macgyverstoner that said it too, they said that dark period is only necessary for 36 hours. That’s when your plant is at its peak for harvesting. What he said was to cut the plant on the following day, when your lights would normally turn on. So if your lights go on at 8 am, and off at 8 pm, the that means on your last grow night cut the lights at 8 pm. Wait a full day, and when you wake up the next day, cut your plant at 8 am when the lights were normally going to turn on. Always worked really nicely for me.



It must have been MacG…that posted that. I do use this practice; So I did not say it. I do know of people who always use a dark period of 36-48 hours as a general rule.

Again, I do not do this, so I am going by what I have read over the years. Peace :slight_smile:

Yea must have been @MacGyverStoner, but while you’re on the subject, what do you do @latewood? When you know it’s time to harvest, what do you do? Just cut and hang? Do you cut whole plant and hang it, or cut branches? I’m just curious what you do as a pro