Dark tent. Lighting troubles

After a brief power outage last night the veg circuits on my viparspectra 450 reflectors are not working. Any thoughts?

I would contact the manufacturer on it otherwise @dbrn32 may be able to help if it has a veg and flowers switch use what you can I personally have both veg and bloom switch on

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The electronics in led drivers can be sensitive to power surges, brown outs, and other electrical issues. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you lost a driver.

I would do exactly as Hogmaster suggested and contact manufacturer. Most of the lights have a warranty seal that they won’t mess with if broken. In most cases, those lights are cheap enough they will send you replacement or parts if still on warranty. If they decline to help, be kind of stern with them and try again.

If they won’t help, tag me and I’ll try to help troubleshooting and making repairs.


Thank @dbrn32 :wink:

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No problem! Happy to do whatever I can to help.

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Just out of curiosity took one apart and jumpered from one driver to each bank and it looks like my veg drivers are fried.

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Thanks dbrn32 aandhogmaster

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Can you get a picture of driver label? And roughly the size of driver?

I can probably find you a replacement driver. Would just be a matter if it would fit in allotted space.

I’ll shoot ya a pic tomorrow thanks

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0918181829a|666x500 @dbrn32 Hey here’s the fried driver. Any help would be appreciated😊 Thanks

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Is that the only label on it? It looks like there’s an extra set of wires on that driver?

Per that label, meanwell lpc-100-700 is almost direct replacement. But I’d like to make sure that it doesn’t have a separate fan section, because it looks like it does.

Yes the black plug is for the cooling fan. I got in touch with viparspectra and can hopefully get some replacements soon.

Ok cool. Any problems hit me up and we’ll figure something out.

Will do thanks

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