Dark period prior to harvest

I’m going to try the 48 hour dark period prior to harvest. My hydro set up is pails circulating with drip rings. Not sure if I should leave the 24 hour feed schedule going or shut the air pump off. The majority of the roots are in nutrients anyway, would it matter? Thanks

Did you flush if not then you definitely need to switch that feed water out with just phed water for at least 2 days before dark period


If you turn off air to nutrient solution the plant will drown.


Yes I’ll flush first. I’ve never heard that they would drown. I was under the impression you could turn off the top drip feeding with no ill effects as the roots would still be half exposed to oxygen in the pail and within the medium, I’m using clay pellets (hydrocorn).

Top drip feed on DWC should be discontinued the moment roots hit the water. This is to prevent damping off and stem rot. Air is delivered via air stone to nutrient solution to oxygenate root zone otherwise plant will drown.

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Oh man not sure how I missed that one. I’ve been growing with this set up for 5 years with very good results. Never had any issues with drowning. The roots are generally light tan at harvest no rot. Life would be easier without the drip rings.

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No harm no foul. Give it a try on the next grow. Your setup might like having additional liquid but normally the air stone keeps the net pot soaking wet on the bottom.

I will give it a try. Thanks.