Dark green leaves with tiny brown dots

I have a blueberry plant that has dark green leaves with tiny brown dots starting to appear on some of them, and a little bit of yellowing on a couple.
Looking at similar photos online, it sounds like this may be a calcium deficiency. I would like to hear what others think.
First, my support ticket information:

Seed Strain: ILGM Blueberry
Type(Normal, Feminized, Autoflower): Autoflower
Medium(soil in pots, DWC, Coco): soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forest
pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 6.5 pH
Strength of nutrient mix(EC or PPM): n/a - reverse osmosis water with 6.5 pH, runoff is 700 PPM
Indoor or Outdoor grow: Indoor
Light system(CFL, HID, LED): HID - currently HPS
Light power(true watts): 750
Temperature(Day and Night): 77°F daytime, 65°F nighttime
Humidity(Day and Night): 45% day and night
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size, CFM): Yes - 6" 440CFM

And, some photographs:



Looks to be calcium deficient. You’re on the right track. However, I’d be really careful about adding calmag late in flower. Some have a high Nitrogen content. I usually discontinue calmag half way through flower, but use magnesium throughout in the form of Epsom salts. :v::bear:


Earth juice oilycann has zero nitrogen. But, they’re certainly not giving it away.


Some deficiencies are normal at this point. I don’t see anything really terrible. If you do as @MattyBear suggested you should be fine.


Thanks, everyone. It’s not looking terrible, so I won’t monkey with the chemistry right now.


@Myfriendis410 is correct. You look to be pretty far into flower, so seeing deficiencies is more than likely natural progression.


Roots Organic came out with calmag this winter. It is just cal and mag.

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I have a similar issue. Mine are more pronounced dots though. Hoping it’s just a deficiency and not some kind of mold or pest.