Dark green leaves with lime green shoots

Is that normal or is that a nitrogen overdose?

and just preference throwing it out there should I throw my 1500 on it or leave the 1000 on it in a 3 by4 area

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It might be normal? What strain is it?

“Strawberry lemonade” got lucky with one teeny tiny seed in my dispensary cannabis and had to give it a shot and she came up.

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Fresh growth usually comes in slightly lighter and darkens as it gets larger older. If the other darker leaves are still quite healthy and your lady looks to be growing fast than the appearance of lighter new growth is normal.


When plants begin to flower or show preflower they will be lighter( the tops). At least in my case they do, if that makes sense


Rite on thanks I’ll relay that.

I meant as in like this. You have darker greem next to almost yellow-ish color. The tops, in my experience, have a lighter color to them


Looks good @Fishead