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Well I’ve decided it’s time to germinate another strain. So here is my new baby after 12 hrs soak in kelp solution and 12 hrs in kitchen towel and smart water.

I’ve just ordered 2 x 300 watt cfl lights. Delivery on Friday. @raustin @dbrn32 @livefast @MattyBear @M4ur @Growit


She looks good to go, @Twitch.


At that point shown in the pic, I get them into my growing medium. I know it’s viable and the longer the tap root grows, the more chance to break it off. There is no upside to waiting any longer.


good start @Twitch


Alright :+1:t3: @Twitch


So I buried her at 01:32 uk time. 17/04/18
May she grow in peace…


She’s alive :joy::+1::+1::+1:


I do the same thing.


She is in coco. First time using Coco. Do I need to prep the coco…?


i give mine a initial soak with superthrive @Twitch
that is about all i do.


@BIGE excuse my ignorance but what is superthrive?


can you go to amazon and type in ‘‘superthrive’’ vitamin solution for plants…


B vitamins for your girls. Not as potent as it used to be, but I put a couple drops in the water every time I feed or a little more for any transplanting I have to do.

It helps the plant cope with stress better…


I use sensi grow a&b with b-52 to charge mine and I haven’t had a issue


So Red decided to show up tonight… I feel like a kid in a candy store um so excited. Let me rephrase I feel like a stoner in Amsterdam… Lol :joy:


I’ve seen it everywhere lately… Walmart, Lowe’s & HD all have Superthrive


@Budbrother I live in the uk.
Here is Red looking all good to grow…


Of course you do. That was meant for @BIGE an other people in the states. Amazon that Superthrive or other rooting brands for the next grow though. Been using it for years at the start of a grow. 1 maybe 2 time is it for me on it, so a bottle lasts me for quite a while.


So it’s a rooting powder?? @Budbrother


No a vitamin supplement that encourages rooting hormones in plants