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Hey folks jus jumped over from another site which was sketchy n bs so appreciate u guys for havin me n hope things good here so we can learn n grow together :100: :100:.

I started These sexy ladies around the 7th of last month an are still in veg but we will prob flip them soon as training is now done. but For this batch i got 2 old school Afghani landrace beans from 1990, white Widow, blueberry n possibly 1 Cindy 99. it was originally Cindy 99 n the Afghani but i was high as shit at the start of the month when they were in germ n they popped out with pure purple stems so i tweaked out n pulled 3 outta 5 of them n planted WW BB and i think another Afghani??? m not to sure but its 1 of the 2 hhaahaa. think i will do a few more popular strains after this but i really jus wan focus on growing n preserving Pure landraces as they are going extinct do to farmers in other countries ordering online an people bringing an poisoning with hybrids. so i hope n plan on sharing those grows with u folks in future also.

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Afghani’s at week 42212427-d6a60397dc93b48b14920901a0be23dc others at week 3]2212428-dd45595c5ef4f80ee8ac7737e77c2977

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Others Week 42216409-b0c758d4833453f579cf8c8a9d433d49

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I plan on doin weekly updates & all questions n comments are welcome shit u can even be a asshole i dont care! Happy Growin n Cheerz. :fist: :palm_tree:


Welcome! What a beautiful bunch of ladies!!

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Thanks man!, this was last batch which im afraid hermed on me, hope dnt happin thiss time.still got 6zips tho so snt really complain




Light leaks?

Nice tight buds tho

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Yea they looked goood n got job done but yup didnt have tent at the start jus ghetto box made from dressers n panda film man.

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Imagine what you can do then! Keep on growing

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Prob Goin flip tonight, lets see what these girls can do

****Afghani’s 6 weeks-

Other ladies-5 weeks

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They look good and healthy. Welcome to the best place to be; some seriously knowledgeable and helpful growers here will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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Would a trim n a flip be 2 much at once??

Girls are through there first week of flower an puttin in work :muscle: :sunglasses: also dont see no balls so i believe there all females which is fuckin dope, even if we did have a dude in there id probally use his pollin n make a cross, Temps are better than at the start when its up to 90 degrees at times… but winter is comin n thats where they get there fresh air from so its expected i guess…also had add a humidifer cause RH was at a steady 20-25% which would fine for me at the end but m sure they need it for stretchin, other than that things are alright an m fuckin geeked so thanks for stoppin by an Happy Growin :100: :fire: