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I’m so tired of nothing making sense… I made a 5 gallon batch of nutrients 2 days ago… So far it hasn’t deteriorated! Which is great but…

What I am not understanding is how my WaveMaker all of a sudden is moving the water like 10 times as much this morning??? There is 3 gallons in my bucket, so less water is easier to move, but even when I had 2 gallons in the bucket it didn’t even move this much!

First time used, 4 gallons left in bucket and the only sign of movement is this little whirlpool.

3 gallons left in bucket and the water is getting moved around generously and can easily be seen no matter where the WaveMaker is located in the bucket.

Anyways, in regards to my nutrient solution, it seems that either:
A) Silica Blast from Botanicare sucks,
B) I’m not letting it fully dissolve (probably)
C) I just suck :man_shrugging: (also probable)

P.s. @MaD-VapoR I knocked over my pH Up… Now I could use what you have left more than ever lol. Also, maybe the Silica explains why I have only needed like 2ml of pH up for 5 gallons… :rofl:


Sometimes my wavemaker seems to work great and sometimes it doesn’t. And silica is a pain because of how basic it is on the ph scale.

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A rule for anything liquid: Always put the cap back on immediately after using. Meaning as soon as you take what you need you put cap back on. I have been following this rule for years in the lab after one accident a long time ago. No more spills. I’ll bring the bottle of pH up in on Friday.

I’m using the same silica….what do you not like about it? Seems to work well for me. I haven’t had any solubility issues with the silica or jacks.

And no comment on A B or C. :joy:

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@MaD-VapoR yeah I know I should’ve. I usually have my pH up/down on a separate counter while mixing, but since I started using the bucket I was sitting on the floor, stood up and kicked over the bottle :man_facepalming: I bought a foldable chair so I’ll be more comfortable now though lmao.

I’m tired of this plant… Are we sure yellow isn’t the natural color of leaves cause this thing just won’t stop…

In order to figure out what has been going on with all my issues, I only did 3.6/2.4/1.2… Going to increase to 3.6/2.6/1.2 I think… I’m not sure if I should lower Part A or Epsom Salt to keep the “dietary balance”. If this doesn’t fix it though, I have no more ideas as to what is going on… Frankly I’m getting fed up and keep thinking if throwing in the towel… YellowThumbDankloud should be my forum name… :sob:


I’d think as long as you’re PPM is within range you can just add the extra B. If that would put you over desired numbers I’d cut A before epsom.

But there are most likely going to be more experienced answers coming along.

Good luck buddy… don’t throw in that towel!

Yellowthumbdank… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I liked to have spit my drink out when I read that!:joy::joy:


So I removed more leaves.

Fed with the last 3 gallons from my reservoir after adding .2g Part B Calcium Nitrate and 15ml FishSh!t… Maybe will help her heal :man_shrugging:. pHed to 6.50 exact.

The branch leaning up against the fan can no longer support its own weight already… its longer than my arm from elbow to fist lmao


They look nice and thick man

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Day 88, Day 32 of flower.

@Underthestairs thanks man! :blush: Hoping she gives me some :fire: bud! Looking good so far even with the issues.


No joke man. The issues… the more I grow (AND TRIM) the more I feel better about how much people charged me throughout the years. :rofl:


Isn’t that the truth……!


Poured 5 gallons into my reservoir last night (so I can get 5 more gallons from the store after work), added 15ml Silica this morning. When I get home I will be preparing the rest of the batch with Jack’s 321 + 15ml FishSh!t. My previous issue with the mixture deteriorating could only be caused by either

A) the Silica
B) WaveMaker wasn’t working properly.

Guess we will see if the problem persists this time around since the water seems to be agitated quite well now will the WaveMaker, and Silica will have hours to dissolve lol


:rage: I’m about to return this damn thing… Came home to this…

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Won’t they replace it for you?

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:frowning: :scream_cat: that sucks

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I’m sure they will. That’s what I mean.

That propeller piece has a magnet on it and it is just suspended inside the housing, that’s how it works with no gears, and I believe it should be removable, but I don’t think it’s supposed to just fall out randomly… I am pretty sure the power went out at some point today and when the WaveMaker kicked back on, it probably flung the propeller off. It actually did this the first day I had it but when I first plugged it in it wasn’t in water so I didn’t think it would do it underwater… And didn’t do it when I turned it on underwater before…

I’m just hitting bump after bump :sob:

I won’t heart that. Sorry man


I was thinking the same thing. No heart there lol

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Mine did that too when I removed the cage thing from inside the cover, I replaced the cage thing (designed to limit water flow) & it.s never done it again.

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@pillsbury oooooihhhhhhhhh! You freaking genius. I did take that off. Will put it back on and see what happens.

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