Dankloud grows dank bud

Hey ILGM brothers and sisters! Hope everyone is doing well this morning.

Long story short, my first grow attempt ended up being a full on male plant. 86ed it last night, dried up my tears, put on my big boy pants, and dropped an ILGM Cherry Pie Feminized seed I got from my good friend @MaD-VapoR.

So, I decided to make my first grow journal!

Now that I have more experience under my belt, have the proper equipment to start with, and a feminized seed, I should be set for success!

Will be adding a new post shortly with my first update.


Set to watch.

I’ll be starting my journal tomorrow (hopefully!) and will be dropping 6 or so seeds (half cherry pie 1/2 gold leaf). Sounds like we might have a grow-off challenge between two noobs that had less than desirable results…should be fun! :joy:


Set to watch. Had my eye on that strain… :face_with_monocle: :+1: :sunglasses:


At least you had results… :laughing:

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Welcome! Strap in for the possible noob cringe! I would be on the lookout for @MaD-VapoR’s journal too. He’s doing some Cherry Pie.


I am only on my second myself - so still on training wheels with some things.
Always happy to help if I can, :+1: :sunglasses:


Yeah I have my training wheels on still for sure… Second guessing myself (sometimes it has paid off…) and getting nervous to LST and trim…

First real journal entry coming shortly!


The LST is when the fun starts! And save your trimming for later.
Looking forward to it :+1:


First real post! This post will be an exhaustive “master list” of equipment. Most everything will be listed here, no matter how insignificant. This post will be updated as my equipment changes.

The Equipment

MarsHydro 24"x24"x55"

SpiderFarmer SF-1000D
D indicates non dimming. Dimming driver has been received, and will be swapped soon.

AC Infinity Cloudine S4 4 inch Fan
AC Infinity 4 inch Carbon Filter
AC Infinity 4 inch Duct
2 inch? Massey Fan
Genesis 6 inch Clip Fan

General Hydroponics pH Up/Down
Apera pH20 pH meter
Apera pH 4, 7, 10 Buffer Solutions
Apera KCI Storage Solution
Apera EC20 (coming soon)
Apera EC Buffer Solutions (coming soon)
Gouevn Soil Moisture Tester
ThermoPro TP50 Hygrometer

Soil and Amendments:
FoxFarm Happy Frog
Xtreme Gardening Mykos

Jacks Part A
Jacks Part B
PowerGrow Epsom Salt
Blooming supplement?? (Coming soon, need research)
Flushing Solution?? (Coming soon, need research)

Training, Cutting, Other:
Fiskars Microtip Pruner
Fiskars Bypass Pruner
Binder Clips
Training Wire
Shovel Thingy


How do you set to watch this or any other?

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Great list. Good gear in a small tent.

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Thanks! Yeah I would get a larger tent if I had more horizontal space… Got the tallest 2 ft x 2ft tent I could find.

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Here are a few pictures of the set up!

Ignore the dirty stuff, will be cleaned tonight.


OK so, I had no idea that you cant edit a post after a certain period of time… So I wont be updating the equipment post with new equipment…

Equipment I Forgot to Post:
Summit Mosquito Bits
Bonide Neem Oil

Here is a general layout of my plans for this grow.

The Plan:

I plan on going from a solo cup, to a 3 gallon pot, then to a 5 gallon pot. Straight 6.5 pH water for the first 2 weeks of vegetative growth since I’m using the FoxFarm Happy Frog. After those 2 weeks, I plan on using a half strength dosage of Jacks 321, then full strength afterwards until closer to end of flower. Looking into a bloom booster and a flushing solution. All feedings will be based off the typical Jacks schedule of:

3.6g - Jacks Part A, 5-12-26
2.4g - Jacks Part B, 15-0-0
1.2g - Epsom Salt

Going to start LST quite early, probably a few days after 3 gallon transplant. Not too sure yet, depends on how fast she bounces back. Top right after the 4th node once the internode to the 5th node has developed a bit.


Just did the gold leaf and the end product was amazing they take a while to ripen up but definitely on the list to do again. I start bending her over at around five nodes just make sure to use a counter tie or sstake something so she doesn’t get pulled up so if you bend her to the left up top counter the bottom at the base going to the right.


I love lST it’s like making a little bonsai tree shape it to how you want you can mold these girls anyways with some careful training and maximize yield everything


If grab a humidifier depending on where your located and maybe a dehumidifier too where I’m at in the summer definitely need both.


Yeah I was thinking about a humidifier possibly… Still not sure. The humidity is usually around 40-50. I know that’s not considered the best range, however my last grow had no issues really.

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It’s not a bad range at all you can grow successfully at that just remember as they get bigger that’s gonna raise so a dehumidifier may be more suitable cause when they go into flower RH spikes and you want to keep that down due to mild and bud rot

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Are they all photo seeds to. I do a little of both my gold leafs were photo and a pleasures to watch grow ended up with like 30 tops on each.