Damp Buds, will boveda work?

white widow auto,hi, it’s my first real grow, all went well so far. I dried it for a week upside down with humidity between 50%-60%. a few of the branches didn’t quite “snap” when bent and a few buds are slightly “damp”. Question is should I put them in jars with the boveda 62% packets I have? Package says they will add or remove water vapor, so I’m thinking it’ll work but not sure.

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Don’t jar if too moist. Mold can take over fast. I recommend paper bag curing! No worries even if left untouched.


ok I’ll read up on paper bag curing, thanks for the fast reply!

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Not much to it. Take buds. Toss in paper bag for a couple of weeks. Fold over top. Resist urge to look and smell. Should be ready to jar/bag after that. I use a wireless humidity sensor in the bag to monitor dryness but you don’t have to.


If they are still hanging drop humidity to 40%

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I was just looking for the method but you saved me the trouble, I’m going to get paper bags now, thanks again!!

no, I trimmed all the buds off the branches. thank you for responding.

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The paper bag will work just fine for u then I did that with some of my small trim and small buds

Agree with @Killadruid get your Humidity down for drying @sparker

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:point_up: Hardest part!

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I have even heard ppl using this method with fresh cut branches, but never tried it. I know I have taken all of my waste after and tossed it PACKED into bags and closed and never seen mold. So in theory it will work with branches.

@WickedAle Thanks for the info I will think about doing this if I get to that point.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had a similar problem on my first grow…still too wet when I was ready to put them into jars. The next grow, I was more patient, and dried more slowly. The Boveda packs will remove some moisture above 62%, but I wouldn’t use them to “dry” like that. You could hang them a little longer, lay them out on a table even, or finish drying a paper bag. You want the humidity in the jars no higher than 65% or so, or you’re risking mold as said. Do you have hygrometers for inside your jars?

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ok, I put it all in a paper bag, 6 z. I’m guessing keep it at room temp, about 70-74?

damn,2 weeks is an awful long time,lol

From what I remember u bring ur humidity down to around 40% while drying

LOL. The smell is so enticing. You can look but just remember the idea is to dry slowly and the paper allows the moisture to be wicked out slowly. By opening you let all of that humidity out fast instead of slowly.

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@Killadruid You still want to bring it into the high 50’s. 40 is way too low.


Drying that low will dry too fast, making it taste bad.

K wierd I dried at that humidity for 5 days threw in jars himidity went up to 63% idk worked out just fine. I got told I got great tasting weed. I was saying the rh of room not the buds them selves. Maybe having an RH around 50% would work out better.

Next batch, try drying at 55%, and for about double the time, and see if it’s not better. :man_shrugging: