Damn male concerns

Hello fellow growers, please tell me this isn’t turning male!
She’s cruising along, but i have concerns!
More photos is needed.
Some advice on spider mites would also be great as ive killed 2 already and have one very clever little bastard on there now i cant catch😁

Was the seed feminized or regular?
Are there any flowers at nodes,if so can you take picture? :thinking:

Do you see any pistils forming there? I don’t, but it does appear to have pollen sacks. This would be a male if so, not turning male. If you see pistils and pollen sacks then would be hermaphrodite.

A spinosad product would be best/safest all around to combat spider mites on flowering plants. Captain Jacks dead bug is popular here, not sure what is available there.

Eco-Oil will work ,organic and safe until day of harvest.

Best i can get, i did find 1 single green pod at the base so got rid of that real quick, shes a regular seed, its odd because it looks female every where else, uf shes a he i wont be happy


Damn ,sorry to hear that.Is that the only plant you have? :thinking:
I am having trouble seeing anything,just leave it for a couple more weeks.
Sorry, I thought you were growing Auto’s .
I have a male and female growing at the moment.

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Yeah I’ll let it play out, it was looking sweet too.
Maybe I’ll get lucky


I’m with everyone else, I can’t tell anything from those pictures. :blush::v:

I had a bout with spider mites this inside grow - I am talking about a bad infestation with webs! I pulled everyone out and and bleached the tent down.

I tried a product called organicide. One of their small bottles will make a gallon of spray. It is organic, kills on contact quickly, and pests do not build up a resistance.

The girls are mite and fungus gnat free now!

Additionally my girls get one watering every 1-2 weeks with “bit” juice. Mosquito bits soaked in warm water overnight with 20 drops of rosemary oil and a few drops of Castile soap as an emulsifier added as an ongoing preventive. Bits kill the fungus gnats and supposedly the rosemary oil makes the plant less tasty to mites. My old clone provider had a product containing rosemeric acid she used but it is crazy expensive now so I though I would just try the oil.

This process seems to be working for me.

Best to you!

Yes it is my only one, I’m in a rental which has the gardens taken care of so planting indoor or in the ground is out of the question, this is my first attempt in a pot outside, I’ve grown plenty indoors and a lot outdoors but in the ground and never once had a male so could just be an overreaction, I’ll let her grow out and see where we land I guess.

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Heres a closer picture of my concerns

I’ve never seen them like this before, and i dont know how to femanise a seed or what a pistil is. LOL im old school, just plant and love

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Right in the middle of the shot

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