Damn Caterpillars made me Harvest early

I’ve been getting close to harvest and checking the buds and the 6th week of flower some of my biggest buds were having all their pistils turn rust color and then they started to look dried out so I chopped them and did the trimming at the buds and gaddamit lil green caterpillars eating away at the bud from inside. Some are so tiny you only see them when you hang them to dry and then you see a bunch of these wiggling climate change refugees. So 1/3 of my nicest buds I took down because I thought they matured fast but they were just dried out from worms. Took em down 1-2 weeks early, the smaller buds that I left on are now so damn sticky and nice.

Next year I’m really going to look for those suckers, gotta check once you go into flower. There are sprays you can use but I’d rather not if I can manually check.

So many mistakes but next year I am going to do a really solid grow. If you want to check out a brief grow vid I did

If you put good tight screens around them, you can keep out the moths and butterflies. Or spray once a week with spinosad. Toxic to insects and so harmless to mammals the USDA lets organic farmers and tobacco growers use it. Highly recommended!


yup next year I’ll be actively looking for them and doing a preventative spray now and then. Still pissed I harvested early on my biggest buds. The ones I’ve left on have gotten so sticky and fluffy, taking them down today.