Daily changes. Hurry up already

Gorilla Glue and Super Skunk. Wondering if they’ll ever give it up. The gorilla glue is going to be a nightmare to trim


You are far enough along that if you wanted to lollipop your plants it wouldn’t hurt. Then it’s done ahead of harvest.


Most of the small buds are gone. I’m kinda reluctant to do it with the skunk because of the incredible growth daily. Those little buds may be 4 gram nugz. Those buds are over 12 inches

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By that you mean pull everything on the bottom ?

Defoliate your colas. You don’t have to take everything but could take most of it.


I’ve been doing that slowly. Clipping with scissors mostly because I don’t like digging into them to get to the leaves . Does that make a noticeable difference or just aid in trimming

I started light. Is this ok ? I’d just hate screwing them up

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They look great.


Agree! They look great! Congratulations for making it to the end. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Thank you.

I get the few people I give weed to help me trim.


They look great you’re gonna love that gorilla glue just finished my first grow with it

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I had a trim party this year for new years and then had 3 people come over so we had 5 people to trim plants. It was nice but now I come to find out one had covid and my fiance is experiencing symptoms -_-

A trim party sounds pretty fun. I always order pizza for the people that help me.

I hope your fiance is doing/will do well.

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Had a friend make Korean BBQ it was a first for me but hopefully not a last that shit was fire lol. We had a homemade cookout then a smoke out. Shes just got headaches and stomach aches but apparently thats how it starts for some people. Been going on for 2-3 days now