Daggys try at indoors

I would let them grow to about 45cm before installing the net but I don’t scrog
It would also depend on if it’s a photo or auto?
Let’s see if @merlin44 or @MeEasy could way in

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@spankyjr1 has you covered…It really does depend upon how tall you want the plants to get along with what techniques that you have used in the early stages of vegging.

I like to grow large plants so I let them veg for about two months before flipping and I start training them to the SCROG nets when they are 50 - 60 cm tall. My frames/nets are about 34" across.

I hope that this is useful for you.


These ones are fems … i started with mainlining but i got carried away and pulled down everything and have heaps of branches … is that what u want to do? Or is too many branches not the way?

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I want to grow big plants with big fat colas

Tent size ism3 foot by 3

Not the biggest


I grow my photo period plants in 10 gallon fabric with light levels around 900+ (ppfd).

A single plant would completely fill a 3X3 tent. I typically get from 12 to 16 oz per plant with really dense and fairly large colas.


I have three in there plus a auto :grimacing:

Also one plant is in 26L airpot
Other in 35 L tough bag and gg is 25 L tough bag im not sure what gallen that is :woman_shrugging:t6:

One of my autos has like maybe three weeks left … should i transfer my auto in that tent?

Is there an issue for that auto to go to a 600w hps to a 400 w hps?

35 L is about 9.2 gallons and 25 L is 6.6 gallons.

Most folks seem to use 3 - 7 gallon containers.

Changing light sources and/or intensity is fine. It may cause a difference in growth rate and bud development but I don’t mess with that too much so don’t know all of the ins an outs.

My setup works well for me so I don’t mess with it any more.


I have some leds on the way but thought I would use hps in winter as it gets cold here in new zealand …


These are my plants from a couple days ago … just so u know what they look like

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Your plants look healthy to me. Good job.

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Thank you … learning things everyday and your help is a blessing

Iv been pulling leaves off trying to get light down to lower sites

Is more branches u have the better?

There are many opinions about defoliation and pruning. Choose the method that you prefer and become proficient at it.

I don’t usually remove many leaves until I start training to the SCROG net. At that point I remove all new growth below the net but I don’t remove the leaves. The leaves will drop when they are no longer needed.

All new branches and bud sites below the net level get removed. Every day or two until a month or more after flipping to flower I do some pruning.

Growing autos is new to me so I don’t have an established routine for them as yet.


Wait until the auto finishes in 3 weeks, then rearrange the pots where you want them, then set the net,
fill in the net, then flip to flower
Good luck


Do u have fan under the net or above? Or one under one above?

If you were asking me, I have one fan well above the plants to move air around. Many folks have multiple fans above and below. Again, figure out what works for you and go for it. Experimentation is often required to dial things in.


I should let these grow taller now with out tipping? Or tying down?

Would you have fan directed at plants or just to move air above plants?

The fan blows across the top of my light array and the air bounces off of the walls to move air through the plants. This works for me but there are many different ways of getting the job done.