Daggys try at indoors

Thanks for the tag @spankyjr1 , I’m seeing male on the first one the second definitely has pubic hairs which says female but it’s to blurry to tell if there’s anything male on it

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It has heaps of white hairs . Just on two branches opp side that were under leaves i found those … i have chopped them off n gona keep eye on

It on the bloody skunk auto

My Bloody Skunk autos from Seedsman didn’t do that

That’s what the red white and black bubble gum is. Bloody Skunk x Bubble Gum


Nice tent of goodies there mate

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Topped up bso with potting mix

Transplanted green crack to bigger pot … rot structure looked great

Topped bruce to get ready for main lining will do gc in a few days will let it get settled

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Raised my lights as it waa a hand width above bso … so in turn i had to raise my fems

Potted up my bruce and gg today


How do the growmies here water there indoors ? I use
Bottles of water … pain in the arse …

Durban Poison harvested and bagged 12 ozs


I use a small water pump and hose makes its easier

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My seeds have arrived :heart::heart:

Alaskan diesel auto
OO cheese auto
Critacal kush fem

Freebees :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my share of the freebees
Critical kush auto x 3
Gh amnesia x1 auto
Zkettlesz autox 1
Red gorrila girl auto x1
Super ak auto x2
Lemon cbd auto x 2
Sleepy yoda auto x 2

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Bloody skunk auto


Doing another seed order

Pineapple glue auto
Ginger punch auto
Og kush auto
American pie auto


Finally got my
2nd tent sorted and repotted the girls yesterday

Germinating my four strains last night
Alaskan diesel
Critacal kush


My critacal kush auto

Bruce banner fem

Gorrila glue fem

Green crack fem


I have been tipping like crazy … are they looking alrite ? When and how do i start scrogging?

Photos just after lights came on

It would depend on how big/tall you want them or how much room you have to go vertical

Figure out what height you want the net let them grow a bit higher than that so when you install the net you can begin tucking at the same time then keep tucking until the net is filled like you want then flip to flower
Daggy, I know a few people with that as there last name

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Thank you for your reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart: would u let them
Grow lets say 30 cms then scrog? Or is that too short?