Daggys try at indoors

I have two tent one 3 foot by 3 the other a lil but smaller

Small tent will
Have 400 w hps other will have 600 hps

The gear is 2nd hand i brought of a mate for three ozs

Currently have a bloody skunk auto seed in smaller tent

I dropped some
Seeds last night
Gorrila glue
Green crack
Bruce banner
Will grow in bigger tent

I have seeds from coffeeshopseeds comming which i went in with a few people
Have cheese auto
alaskan diesel auto
Critcal kush fem
And alot of freebies coming which i will put 4 autos in smaller tent

Which are
Bloody skunk auto
Cheese auto
Alaskan diesel auto
And a freebee seed

Currently have the lights on 18 hours a day

Soil is
Potting mix
My own made compost

Any tips and tricks please feel
Free to share



If your first indoor and HPS I suggest a very efficient cooling system. I left them years ago but still remember heat struggles in tents. Especially smaller ones. Just me. They grow AWESOME but heat chased me to led initially never to return.


I have a extraction fan for each tent and the tent is outside in my shed … its autumn atm … i have one lil
Fan in there aswell but I want two lil fans per tent

I have leds on the way … but thought hps would be good for


Heck yea. Them boogers can lay out heat.


Tails on green crack and bruce banner will pot them up soon


Potted up and now in tent


Gg has a small tail now should be ready to pot up this arvo


All plants up now … took seed cap off gg


What potting mix (brand and type)?

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I got this cheap shit … doesnt even have perlite in it …'got to get some better stuff

Brand is big value

When i repot i will use better stuff …

I got three more fans so two in each tent


My Durban poison


Update on the girls

Bloody skunk auto is growing very well its up to its 8.th lateral already … got this as a seedling two weekends ago … she did tell me autos grow alot faster then fems

Bruce banner Growing well up to the three leaf stage

Green crack … a lil smaller then bruce
But on the same stage with leaves

Gorrila glue (ILGM seed) i made an error and when i planted i watered and somehow the seed and tail found its way to the top of the soil for a few hours … i replanted and it survived but only on its single leaf stage and small leaves but it will boost soon

When other seeds
Arive i will put the fems
In other tent under the 600w lights

Question when u flip em is that when you start counting the flowering weeks?

Most growers will also mark this date as the date of light flip.

I have heard that flowering time doesn’t start counting until you see flowering though, which is normally about a week behind the flip.

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This is the bloody skunk auto

Gorrilla glue fem

Bruce banner fem

Green crack

Look ok to u guys?

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This was taken just 5 mins after lights came
Back on

Looks good to me
Happy plants

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Balls ? :cry:

Looks like it to me but I’m no expert on sexting plants I just had to ask about this on 2 of my plants
Try tagging in some experts like @repins12 @MeEasy @beardless @Covertgrower to name a few they should be able to assist


I’m having a hard time blowing up the picture on my phone and being able to see clear enough to tell 100%. I’m leaning towards male. First picture, right side shows 2 sac’s. Second picture can’t really tell. Just my humble opinion :v: