Daddy's test run, maybe a little something for everyone


Happy Anniversary, @Daddy :v:


Thank you.


Well it took a month but 4 out of the 5 are finally rooting and growing.


Final week weight is 1988gr in the jars. I made some changes this grow that didn’t work out very well. My buds weren’t as dense as last time and it’s mainly due to the fact that I spread the lights a little farther apart and they got too tall so I lost penetration.


That’s some impressive weight you pulled in. Congrats on a great harvest.


Thanks. There is still a little room for improvement but I’m not upset at all.


Nobody could be upset with 70 zips!!


You would think that right??? I hate trimming though lol


Purple dog shit came in at 155 grams and not figured into the total. It was the worst to trim.


Nice haul, even if it wasn’t what you were shooting for! I can imagine trimming dog shit to be a not so pleasurable experience :joy: And dang, man. I freakin hate it when I lose penetration.