Daddy's test run, maybe a little something for everyone


Update for those that are keeping tabs on yield. Finishing up trimming and some still left to do. The purple dogshit is done and came in at only 5 ounces (bad clone and only received side lighting) will not be figured into my total harvest weight. It hits like a hammer though even with no solid nugs (all small bud structure without any solid main colas)


I will break 2gpw this grow though but not by much.


Nice job bro!


Love it Loads of buds! congrats on the successful outcome!


Thanks guys. I know my next run will be scrog with 4 plants. I’m contemplating running synthetic to just see what I can push them to.


This was with an organic grow.


I dunno if I would. By the looks of yours I’d say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it lol. Unless it’s a cost issue or something of course. Quite an impressive crop.


Higher yield with synthetic vs organic is all. Just a test brother


Notg right? That’s kinda cheating for organic, but I’m sure you’ll do as good or better with something else.


Ya maybe AN this time.


that some great looking organic buds!!


Thanks brother dbrn32 thinks it’s not really organic but only one item keeps it’s from being organic because of the source of calcium lol


You should look closer. It’s not really a matter of me thinking anything, just reading the labels on bottles. Calcium nitrate is 15-0-0, that’s not just calcium lol. Same bottle and others have mkp.

That’s pretty much all of the macros. So if you wanted to say it’s organic other than the calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium would be fair. But that’s not organic at all. Same stuff synthetic 3 parts are made with.


took my monster clones at harvest. We will see lol


Happy Anniversary @Daddy!


Thank you brother. Yay I’m not a newb anymore?


Happy anniversary, @Daddy!


Thank you sister!


Happy Anniversary bro!


Thank you.