Daddy's test run, maybe a little something for everyone


Should not be so amusing, but it is. My neighbor, who for 20 yrs was a crotchety unfriendly d*ck, has recently retired and come out of his funk. Real friendly, always outside and never misses a chance to strike up an convo. He has a habit of talking to my GF and he always asks “where’s daddy” or “I was telling daddy…” We crack up in silence as we are not married, have no kids together and her ex has not been around for ten yrs before I entered the picture. So every time I see @Daddy it just causes a smile.

One day I’ll ask him, WTF dude?? lol my name is screwauger not daddy hahahahaha


Okay I just give up. Last feed was Sunday. Since then the mains almost doubled in size and weight. I walk in to find this.


3 plants fully collapsed with broken or split mains.


No matter what I do I can’t get the plants to carry the weight of the flowers they produce. They may or may not survive, but now I have to watch for hermies for the next 2 months as well. Everyone has to support big plants when in flower but understand I am only 2 1/2 weeks into flower.


Dude, I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me the other night. I walked out to find both my outside plants just like yours. I ran to home depot and grabbed some 4’ Dow rods. Tied them up and they are fine. Just like supercrop


@HornHead they are tired up, supported and mended. But is way too early to have this problem. I don’t think they will survive this grow. It is about 2lb of colas already.


Man. I really want to feel bad for you! I’m trying, but 2 lbs sounds very nice :+1:


If they’re split bas, throw some tape around them and hope for the best


@elheffe702 they are no where close to ready. There won’t be any salvaging


@HornHead taped splinted and tied up. Now just wait


Not sure if you’re adding any silica, but that would help. Otherwise you may wanna get a little more air blowing on them earlier, that will help strengthen the stems too.

Besides that I already told you that you veg too long brother :joy:


@dbrn32 first off I ran silica this run the stems are solid and not very flexible, they have fans on them from the day they come out of the dome and I only vegged for 5 weeks. Next? Lol


When do you consider you start vegging? You flipped 2nd weekend in June right? This is first pic I remember seeing of these plants. They’re certainly more than a week out of seedling stage by just about any account.

The other comments were stemming from eyeball. Those will certainly be some nice colas, but they’re not big enough that they should be tipping over well developed stems. A potential hole in your nutrient program or wind hardening are pretty much textbook.

I think what you’ve found is why we usually don’t grow big plants indoors. If it ain’t one thing it’s another lol. Most don’t have the room or setup to bother. Since you do, I’d probably look closer at that other stuff and plan on staking them from first sight of pistils on until you come up with something better.


The pick was second week after transplant they were held back waiting for flower room to finish. They did explode this run and got far bigger faster than expected. I did everything I could think of to avoid it this run so next run will be a scrog. Let’s see if they fall over then!


Doing better no death yet. Just wait and see.




Lol here’s my monster clones. Never seen it this bad before.



On another note. Room is good no death or hermies yet.