Daddy long legs spider in Grow room

Just noticed a quite a few Daddy long legs in my grow room should I kill them or are they good to have around since they eat other bugs?


They will not bother your plants. I’d let them live and they will move on if there is no food supply for them


If they are in there… there is probably a food source for them. Have you checked for pests?

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We have a lot of Grand daddy long legs in our house. Not a single one in my tent and the door is wide open. The flies and mosquitoes come indoors here when it’s cold outside.

So I’m like you, maybe some pests are in the tent.


I noticed a few ants but other than that no other pest

Daddy Long Legs eat other spiders, if they are there then you have spiders in your grow room.

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Yup, they love eating the venomous spiders so they are good to have around

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