Dad knew more about growing pot and

After educating my self on a few topics, ie…color spectrum.

My dad, Born 1931, rest his soul, would sing to the radio on hunting and fishing trips. Was totally against drugs.

Loved John Denvers Rocky mountain high until John Denver was busted for possession. Now you know where dad stood.

As mentioned elsewhere, i love to fish.

My dad taught me late 60s that certain colors that worked in the spring are not good for late summer early fall. Reason, sun position, distance from and how a bass eye and its cone shape see different colors.

It was an earth science lesson back in elementary on the concho river bank while fishing.

His knowledge and wisdom. I miss him still.


I miss him now too. Sounds like a great guy. :+1:

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That tough old bird coached my two older brothers, all sports, was my high school principal, taught government and free enterprise,

Know this, what happened at school stayed at school. No double jeopardy.

So yes, this place, some beans and buds early morning has again caused my eyes to leak.


Some journals have triggered a “walk for thought” or just topic in general.

Old terminology, lids, 4 fingers, old pets.

I was twenty yesterday, 60 plus today, time flies so fast. Memories of disc golf at balboa, good I never saw the koi pond there, bait! Thanks for the reply.