Dab pressing extraction

Hey all this isn’t about growing but after. I want to press some green for some dab. I never done this and was wondering does the flower need to be fully cured? I wasn’t sure if it did. Not sure what a difference it would make.

It doesn’t need to be cured, but it does need to be dry.


Tag me with any rosin questions you have in the future. As covert mentioned it needs to be dry to press, dry as in 62-68 humidity. Don’t over dry it!!!

But I would suggest getting away from pressing flower asap, you can dry sift and press sifted hash or make bubble hash from dry weed or fresh frozen buds (I do this so I don’t have to trim plants I just remove fan leafs and freeze the plants for 2 days)


Can you do this in a regular deep freeze, or how to flash freeze?

I would like to know more about this process. What do you use to press the rosin?

Ideal freeze dryer but you can do it without.

@Quarinteen what process exactly?
I always use a rosin press

Nicky, maybe you’re aware about that, maybe not, but - would it be okay to smoke those pressed stuff in the regular quartz bangers I could find recently? Or should I use something different for that? Is there any difference? For now I want to get a 14mm male flat quave Club banger. Maybe you’ve tried it and heard some good reviews?

New to pressing too. I used to dabble with hair straightener til my son recently got me a NugSmasher Mini.

This is 3.5 grams ILGM LSD, 2 min warm up and 3 minutes under pressure. Extremely happy getting 1.1 grams or 31% return.


Morning. I’m having difficulty getting anything to really come out of my Nugsmasher mini. I’m using between 220° and 200° is there a secret to get more than just a little Goo out of the bud? I’ve probably gone thru 1/2 oz of bud and not even 2gms of Goo. I’m not sure what is going on.

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200- 220 is pretty high. I press 3.5g at a time at 180° for 3 minutes with a 2 minute warm up. It will also depend on the bud quality. I get 1.1ish grams from 3.5g, so about a 31% return.


Mas gras! I’ll get this thing fired up and start @ the Low end. I’m pressing regular bud jared with 64% humidifiers… it’s definitely not dry. Once again, thanx. Your pretty cool 4 a Squid!! Lol.

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Ok. I’ve got some Oregon bootleg weed down here in South Texas.

Have to get some pool laps in, then I’ll start this process. Start @ 180° More to follow.

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What micron bag are you using and how are you packing bags? Remember to preheat for at least 2 mins before the squish.

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I got the full meal deal I believe!

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Should I use the higher # bags or the lower? Sorry other things have hindered my scheduled plans. Do you use regular parchment paper? I have some from SAM’S club. Sorry I’m asking so many questions. I don’t mean to bother you.

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No bother at all.

I would use the 90 micron bag. Make sure you pack in it tight, you don’t want any empty voids.

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This weed is real sticky. 184° 4 min.

It’s hard to get off the parchment paper. It’s wet sticky.


That’s a nice looking squish. Put paper in fridge for a minute or 2 then collect. Do not put in freezer, it will shatter every where until it warms up a bit. You can also use a cold plate to help with collection.

Hope this helps


Once again, this Army Ground Pounder thanks U.

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That’s what we’re here for. I joined this forum 4 years ago not knowing anything about growing. They guided me and now look at me :joy::joy::joy:.

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