Dab pressing extraction

Hey all this isn’t about growing but after. I want to press some green for some dab. I never done this and was wondering does the flower need to be fully cured? I wasn’t sure if it did. Not sure what a difference it would make.

It doesn’t need to be cured, but it does need to be dry.


Tag me with any rosin questions you have in the future. As covert mentioned it needs to be dry to press, dry as in 62-68 humidity. Don’t over dry it!!!

But I would suggest getting away from pressing flower asap, you can dry sift and press sifted hash or make bubble hash from dry weed or fresh frozen buds (I do this so I don’t have to trim plants I just remove fan leafs and freeze the plants for 2 days)


Can you do this in a regular deep freeze, or how to flash freeze?

I would like to know more about this process. What do you use to press the rosin?

Ideal freeze dryer but you can do it without.

@Quarinteen what process exactly?
I always use a rosin press