D.W.C. is the best! I can't believe how easy it is...look!


Dwc is the best way to grow! I have OG kush, Bubblegum and sour diesel. I use 600 w hps and 2 led 1000/ 600. this is the best grow I ever had. started Oct 1. now into flowering.


Nice. Love those full canopy pics :slight_smile:
Couple questions about your setup. What size buckets are you running and what size tent?


Thanks they are awesome. I use 5 gal bubble buckets . I have a 4/6/8 monster tent. see pictures. there are 8 plants. best grow ever!


Latest flowers!


@Pizmopete do u remember how much u got out of this grow? Ive got the same air pump but ive changed because of the hot air it was blowing out


Hey, first , i had eight plants got about 2 lbs dried! Used the large air pump with a manifold. Temps of the nutrients was 70’to 80’ . Still grew well.


Thats a nice crop man hopfully il get there somtime


I blow my intake fan directly on the pumps to keep them cool and control air temp. Works really well for me.


You need to get your air pumps up higher then your waterline In your buckets… if your power goes out while your away it will siphon out all of the water in your buckets… :wink:
Just an (fyi) … :wink:


Nope they run to a separate air line that is higher than the top of the buckets. No water can reach those air lines. I shut off the pumps all the time to change the water. C’mon @peachfuzz lol.


I didn’t realize that you were using the root spa system’s… but if those lines were attached to air stones then what I said is exactly what could happen… just looking out for you is all…
No harm no foul… :wink:



Hey I prefer people speak up rather than say nothing. Safe is always better than sorry. I appreciate you even though I am still sarcastic lol.


WOW you should just run a 80 Gal compressor outside and pipe it inside :muscle:t2: I cant be that loud, be nice to give them that much air


I was thinking I was the only person on this forum to knows the amazing fun it is to grow being a ferret owner " They really really really want in the grow room" Putting a timeout cage at the door made the scratching stop some. I feel bad about punishing them for just wanting to see whats inside there. Why did I think it would be fun to have two Female Ferret :open_mouth:


I have a boy…
When ever I’m home , he has to be right up my butt… if not he throws a temper tantrum big time… very spoiled he is… hes another one of my spoiled hairy kids…lol
I’ve got 2 dogs as well … 1 of my dogs is 100 pound pit bull and she runs from him whenever hes out and about… it’s super funny…
Dont want to clog this thread up… maybe we can start up a thread in the greenroom about how funny our pets are… :thinking:
But ya… he made it into my veg and clone room once… let’s just say , hes like a lil tornado… :grin: