CygnusX1’s first Grow - ILGM Gelato Auto

Plant seems locked out…pH is too low for optimum calmag uptake…seems like she’s not eating as well…do a reset …remind me did u flush ?..:sunglasses::v:

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Too lightly perhaps, ran about a liter or 2 of runoff which is more than typical.

Would love some guidance on a better flush (reminder, Happy Frog soil and using RO water as my tap sucks).

How many gallons, and should I “flush” with straight RO then a gallon with CalMag & standard Jack’s dose in the last gallon?

I’m still not clear on if straight RO will help and I obviously can’t PH the RO unless I add tap to it.


A proper flush is 3x the volume of the pot that the plant is in…

Do the RO flush first, if you don’t come right I’ll guide you through a Calcium flush…

See above :point_up_2: …do a normal standard feed directly after the flush…

If you follow the recommended process for adding the different parts to the water, you will now be able to pH…the benefit of RO above tap is at least you know what’s in the water and not guessing …

Hope this helps …if not… holler…remember I’m on the other side of the globe…it may take some time for me to get back to you…:sunglasses::v:


Yes, sorry about the confusion on the PH comment, I just meant the straight RO. After adding Jack’s and CalMag I have been adjusting PH of that RO / nute solution to 6.5. I was more asking if there was any need / reason to PH the “flush” water as that would require adding nutes or Tap (nutes would seem like a bad idea for several reasons.

Thanks for the clarity, I’ll do the straight full RO flush followed immediately by 1 gallon RO / Jacks / 5ml CalMag all PH’d to 6.5.

Thank you yet again!!


You are in soil, so RO should adapt to the pH of the soil…:sunglasses::v:

PS …its a pleasure… I want to see you succeed


Alright so here we are.

RO Water flush - ending runoff results: PH - 6.4, PPM 650

Gallon Feed immediately post flush (once runoff almost ceased) runoff: PH 6.4-6.5 PPM: 850

Feed was one gallon RO, 5ml CalMag, standard dose of Jacks, PH’d to 6.5 (required up)

Hopefully she’ll get a bit happier now.

Have I mentioned how awesome this community is enough yet??

Thanks yet again @Arrow !!

Several things I’m now realizing…
1 - I’m pretty happy I didn’t run a net of any kind as the true flush would seem to be an impossibility in the tent.

2 - I’m confirmed going to give running in Coco a try on the next run as it “seems” it may be easier to manage given how quickly everything runs through it as opposed to the unknown twists that seem to come at a moments notice in soil.

3 - While I’ve had a lot of respect already, I’m gaining even more respect daily for those who manage large grows. Granted I’m still early in the game, but I sure am glad I’m running a single plant at the moment and learning from it…

Party on Wayne!!


Things that should be in your arsenal

Some random thoughts from my side…

You can achieve this with 4 pieces of wire …

Soil is the most forgiving medium of all…I’ll always recommend soil as your first grow medium…lots of growers are going the soil route again…especially the organic route…

Some of the most organized people I know grow, and they grow big …



I think I’m good in the VPD side.

Average tent temp over the past week has been 73.4, RH average 53.5% (obvious swings, but those are the true averages). Govee WiFi monitor was inexpensive and is pretty awesome to have in there to see the values charted over time!

I clearly took a mis-step on PH and will now be more religious about runoff PH. I need to do more reading to understand how the soil had dropped PH when everything that has gone in has been appropriate. I also didn’t expect a flush with RO to be able to raise the soil PH. I really need to better wrap my brain around those interactions.

I’m wondering if my waterings should be heavier in general (after depleting the base nutes in the soil) as I’ve been only pulling about a solo cup worth of runoff since I started with the Jacks. Almost none prior to that as I didn’t want to strip the soil out prematurely.

And… Amazing pic. I have a long way to go, but plan for each grow to be a step forward. :slight_smile:


Stick around…we all learn from one another … I bid you a good day …mine has come to an end …:sunglasses::v:


With what seems to be a few weeks left till chop, I suppose this is as good a time as any?

Just dropped in water. Unknown bag seed.

Will be grown in coco in a 3 gallon pot (assuming it’s a girl anyway). Debating if I want to drop another or run the Gelato Auto again (3 gal pot / coco also).

If I run one of each I’ll likely FIM the Auto and Top the photo.

Could be a recipe for disaster but really, what’s the worst that can happen? :grimacing:


Good luck my friend! I’m somewhat interested in coco myself. I’ll definitely be watching along! :eyes: :crossed_fingers:


Just ordered AN’s Sensi Grow as well. With RO water, that combo should effectively all but eliminate the need for worrying about PH which would be music to my soul given the recent issue above…

I’ll order the Sensi Bloom once they are up and running successfully.

3 gallon fabric “pots” arrived yesterday, Canna Coco bricks supposed to be here today, but tracking looks like that package may be taking a detour first unfortunately.

Now I just need some smaller saucers / plant elevators to accommodate the 3 gallon pots & allow for runoff etc. What I have now is too large to fit 2 in the 2x2 space comfortably.

I’ll start another thread for that grow soon if for no other reason than to keep my own sanity with grow 1 finishing and grow 2 starting…

PS, I still kind of want that arcade table…


Tag me …I’ll behave…:sunglasses::v:


Now, what fun would that be???


YESSSS! :raised_hands:

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No major updates, probably ready for the first feed since the flush tomorrow.

Quick main cola update pics:


Bud of the month entry photo. Keeping here for posterity. :grimacing:




Nice one!

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Quick update.

Last water / feed was 7/11. PH in 6.7, out 6.2 so a little more to go but improved. About 20% runoff.

Still wet today, and officially entering week 7 of flower.

Few bud closeups and full plant shot: