CygnusX1’s first Grow - ILGM Gelato Auto

In all practicality… you can do 2 photo period plants …trained right…to have a lil variety in 3 gal pots…you can run a 4 plant sog in 1 gal …plenty options…:sunglasses::v:

Yeah, I know it “can” be done. Hell, I’ve seen you do things I’d have never thought possible, just not sure I’m ready to go that far until I can get a few successful grows and start to build some “inventory”.

I’d like to try to get to a point where I have a “decent” amount on hand before I start really screwing with the plants.

I’m also not confident that the TS-600 light will be enough even in this tent for multiple plants, which starts down the rabbit hole.

If I invest in better, do I just upgrade this to an HLG suitable for 2x2 then run both lights when I eventually upgrade to a 2x4 tent, or just bite the bullet and properly set-up a 2x4 for the next grow…

2x2 could easily become a veg tent at that point if I want / need to go closer to perpetual… Soooo many options…

Probably make some decisions when this one gets close to harvest as I’m also likely going to need this tent for the initial dry…


Keep what you have…perfect for seedling/veg setup… I would not screw with that…invest in a proper 2x4 setup from scratch… my 2c …:sunglasses::v:


Looks awesome

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Todays pics below. She got a feeding of RO water, Jack’s, and CalMag yesterday afternoon.

Raised the light about an inch today to compensate for stretch.

There are a ton of small bud sites on the underside. Not sure if I should consider trimming a few that are not likely to produce much at some point but so early in flower I assume it’s best to let her keep doing her thing for now.


Todays update pics. Also a side by side vs first of the month as I’m amazed by the growth explosion during that window.

Strongly considering replacing the TS-600 for the balance of flowering and replacing with a SF-1000 which uses the Samsung LEDs and keeping the 600 as a backup.

Not trying to go down an upgrade rabbit hole, but… lights….

I’ll probably invest in a HLG whenever I go to a larger tent but figure the SF may help with a better yield and I’ll likely do 1-2 photo grows in this tent before going larger just to get my feet solid under myself.

Input welcome as always.


@Hellraiser, didn’t want to clutter your thread with this.

Do you think pure coco would wick good enough to be able to get away with irrigation when not around for a stretch (like I used above in this thread)? I’d assume so given I’ve seen plenty use Coco in Autopots that feed from the bottom.

That’s the biggest reason I was thinking about a blend like Coco Loco, as I was hoping it may wick better, and hold some nutrients better so if away for a few days I could just irrigate with RO water / CalMag…

All that said, I there’s also the option of sticking with what has worked for me so far which is the FF HF…

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Sure thing as coco works great with autopots.

Yep, I was more than happy with my results in HF which is why I did that for so long. I just get bored and need to change stuff around now and then and had been wanting to try coco for a while.

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Quick update today. Not sure if I should still expect the too bud site to stretch a lot or fill in from below.


Few quick updates.

Trimmed a select few fan leaves last night and decided to use them in a homemade cashew Alfredo sauce.

And updated pics from this morning.

Would love any insight as to how much more stretch I may be looking at for the tallest site. Light is currently at 11” from the top of the bud site. I have a few inches of adjustment left before I need to move the filter and blower fan outside of the tent.

Not sure if I should just go ahead and get in front of that or if she’ll likely fill in from below.

Tagging a few for any insight. @Hellraiser @Nicky @CalamityJane @Covertgrower

Thanks as always all!!


Looking good, and looks tasty!


I know nothing is certain, but likely to keep stretching / think I should reconfigure to give more headroom for the light, or likely settling in to her current height?

Certainly hoping I don’t end up needing to “supercrop” that main but will do what is needed should that time come.

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Oh wow, I didn’t realise you could use the fan leaves in that way! Looks delish!

Looks like she has a lot more filling out to do. It might be worth raising the light but I really don’t know for sure. I’m still pretty new to all this too and this current new grow I’ve got on atm is the first time I’ve used an actual decent light for what will be the entire way through.
…sorry, that was in no way helpful. :see_no_evil:

I’m sure you’ll figure it out with these guy’s help! :sweat_smile:

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Indeed, no waste - Supergreens! When I have a bigger batch, pesto will be next.

I’m still running the Mars TS-600 which seems to be a decent light so far, but am considering upgrading to a SF-1000 this week. Hoping a little better light will be good for the lower bud sites since there’s such a big gap between them and the main height-wise. Assuming I do, I’ll keep the TS-600 as a back-up, or to keep using in the 2x2 if I end up going with a larger tent for flower and keep this one for veg.

If I go 2x4, figure I can run 2 of the SF-1000 (or the 1 plus an HLG) so doesn’t feel like it’d be throw away money…

Very happy with this plant regardless as I originally really expected to fail with it and just use it to learn from. Considering how well she’s doing, at this point, I want to see what I can do to get her to produce and fatten up!

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Exactly the approach I took with my first grow. :sweat_smile:

I think you’re doing a great job so far and a better light is always worth the investment. I think the plan about having a veg tent and a flower tent is a great idea. That’s what I want to do. This sh*t gets addictive! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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They’ll generally stop stretching after 3 weeks of flowering so you’re probably almost at the end of it.


I echo above

Shows how much you have to really pay attention to light height and strength in veg eh? Lol


No doubt!! She wasn’t terribly lanky (at least I didn’t think so) through veg, but she really took off as soon as pre-flowers started to show.

I’ve kept this light pretty low (height, its not dimmable) through the run really, and its only about 11" from the top presently I’m not seeing any light stress, so keeping it there until the SF-1000 arrives tomorrow then can re-evaluate.

I’ll probably reconfigure the filter / blower set-up tomorrow when the light comes and do that work all at once.

Next round will likely be the Gelato Auto again since I have plenty of seeds, but considering 2 (smaller 3 gallon) pots in the 2x2. FIM / LST 1, and more aggressive LST for the other to continue on this learning journey.

Todays pics:


Alright, todays updates.

Moved the blower and carbon filter outside of the tent for some more head space inside.

Ran a dedicated outlet / circuit for grow related power. (No cover on it as it’s run but not yet tied to the panel. Finishing that up tomorrow.)

SF1000 arrived today so I swapped out the TS-600. Saving in case of emergency or future use. Got a little creative with hanging to buy some space.

Her leaves seem to be praying a bit so the dimmer is down a little, will increase tomorrow.