CygnusX1’s first Grow - ILGM Gelato Auto

@Arrow - Slurry PH is at 6.5, runoff PH 6.2 (Apera meter).

I did do a decent flush in case I have a salt problem in the roots / pots.

Next feeding will be with the Jack’s 3-2-1 & CalMag (upping from my typical 3ml to 5 on the CalMag (1 gallon RO)).

I typically don’t given its straight RO with the nutrients and I’m running in soil, but will check PH for this next feed as well.

Only other change is that the buds have gotten pretty firm very quickly. Hopefully that isn’t an indicator that she’s done stacking and is starting to get ready to finish, but we’ll see. Welcome any feedback on the ideal progression here given its still my first grow. :slight_smile:


Those look good…keep her fed, may be she’s just extra hungry…all strains differ…some will give you phat assed yields…some won’t…:sunglasses::v:

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Absolutely, and I didn’t mean to imply any level of disappointment, I’m thrilled with this plant’s progress as well as my own. Its just interesting to see the developments as they come having not experienced a full grow first hand.

I never expected this particular seed to make it this far, even if yield ends up low, I’ll be QUITE happy as long as I get some nice smoke from her. Still plenty of opportunity to screw the pooch before she’s finished, dried, trimmed, cured…

And I’m not rushing it at all, just trying to make sure I give her space to do her thing and don’t inadvertently end up misdiagnosing something that may not even be a problem and doing more harm than good as we start to near the end of this race. :wink:

I didn’t expect the buds to start to really firm up for a few weeks yet, but they are sure starting to “feel” dense for their size.


You are on point …stay the course …:sunglasses::v:


Some update pics for posterity.

She’s hanging tough and though small, some of the lower buds look mighty frosty.


Clearly not directly related to the current grow, but AVB Peanut Butter Cups:


Fed yesterday with RO, Jack’s, and CalMag.

Fresh pics


My sincere apologies! I thought I had this set to watch… turns out I didn’t… :pensive:

Buds are looking lovely my friend! Frosty! :cold_face:

You should be pleased. Looks like you have a similar grow space to me, quite compact.
Despite a little leaf discolouration the buds look great and I think (hope) you will be pleased with the end result.

Keep going, man! :muscle::muscle:


As long as I get some good smoke out of her I’ll be quite happy. Already looking forward to the next grow.

I’m still debating keeping the 2x2 for one more round vs upgrading now.

Seriously thinking of running an auto and photo in this space in 3 gal pots and seeing what I can do with it.

Learned so much over the last few months, I’m sure there will be new challenges but it’s going to be interesting to see how applied knowledge impacts a fresh start.

Also still deciding if I want to stick with the HF again or make the switch to coco.


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I’m really thinking of doing the same already (on the medium switch

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Happy 4th!! About 12 hours on the smoker.


GIF image 183

Wow! :drooling_face:


Ok, update. I still seem to be fighting a calcium deficiency. Fed today with RO, full strength Jacks and 6ml CalMag (gallon of RO).

PH: in 6.5, out 5.9
PPM: in 1110, out a surprising 1800!


Plant seems locked out…pH is too low for optimum calmag uptake…seems like she’s not eating as well…do a reset …remind me did u flush ?..:sunglasses::v:

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Too lightly perhaps, ran about a liter or 2 of runoff which is more than typical.

Would love some guidance on a better flush (reminder, Happy Frog soil and using RO water as my tap sucks).

How many gallons, and should I “flush” with straight RO then a gallon with CalMag & standard Jack’s dose in the last gallon?

I’m still not clear on if straight RO will help and I obviously can’t PH the RO unless I add tap to it.


A proper flush is 3x the volume of the pot that the plant is in…

Do the RO flush first, if you don’t come right I’ll guide you through a Calcium flush…

See above :point_up_2: …do a normal standard feed directly after the flush…

If you follow the recommended process for adding the different parts to the water, you will now be able to pH…the benefit of RO above tap is at least you know what’s in the water and not guessing …

Hope this helps …if not… holler…remember I’m on the other side of the globe…it may take some time for me to get back to you…:sunglasses::v:


Yes, sorry about the confusion on the PH comment, I just meant the straight RO. After adding Jack’s and CalMag I have been adjusting PH of that RO / nute solution to 6.5. I was more asking if there was any need / reason to PH the “flush” water as that would require adding nutes or Tap (nutes would seem like a bad idea for several reasons.

Thanks for the clarity, I’ll do the straight full RO flush followed immediately by 1 gallon RO / Jacks / 5ml CalMag all PH’d to 6.5.

Thank you yet again!!


You are in soil, so RO should adapt to the pH of the soil…:sunglasses::v:

PS …its a pleasure… I want to see you succeed


Alright so here we are.

RO Water flush - ending runoff results: PH - 6.4, PPM 650

Gallon Feed immediately post flush (once runoff almost ceased) runoff: PH 6.4-6.5 PPM: 850

Feed was one gallon RO, 5ml CalMag, standard dose of Jacks, PH’d to 6.5 (required up)

Hopefully she’ll get a bit happier now.

Have I mentioned how awesome this community is enough yet??

Thanks yet again @Arrow !!

Several things I’m now realizing…
1 - I’m pretty happy I didn’t run a net of any kind as the true flush would seem to be an impossibility in the tent.

2 - I’m confirmed going to give running in Coco a try on the next run as it “seems” it may be easier to manage given how quickly everything runs through it as opposed to the unknown twists that seem to come at a moments notice in soil.

3 - While I’ve had a lot of respect already, I’m gaining even more respect daily for those who manage large grows. Granted I’m still early in the game, but I sure am glad I’m running a single plant at the moment and learning from it…

Party on Wayne!!


Things that should be in your arsenal

Some random thoughts from my side…

You can achieve this with 4 pieces of wire …

Soil is the most forgiving medium of all…I’ll always recommend soil as your first grow medium…lots of growers are going the soil route again…especially the organic route…

Some of the most organized people I know grow, and they grow big …