CygnusX1’s first Grow - ILGM Gelato Auto

First grow, barely a few weeks in and already a few mis-steps that I’ve hopefully corrected.

Seed: ILGM Gelato Autoflower
Tent: Mars Hydro 2x2
Light: MH TS-600 (about 22” height presently)
Exhaust: 4” inline and charcoal filter (inside tent)
Fan: Small USB powered fan clamped to tent pole
Soil: now in FF Happy Frog (more on that below)

Germination: 24 hour water soak followed by time in moist paper towel until sprouted then into solo cup.

Originally started this one just to test and learn but trying to grow her at this point.

That said I quickly did a bunch of reading and ordering of supplies (including tent etc…).

So, the bad… she was originally placed in miracle grow raised bed soil (I’ve already slapped my own wrist on this so… no need for more…)

She has since been transplanted to the FF Happy Frog.

I also think I made what appears to be a common newbie mistake of overwatering. Last round I let her run pretty dry before watering. Even as little as she is leaves were dropping quite a bit and I think I have her back in line now.

First watering was also conducted before I had a PH kit (did let it sit and use a small amount of Tetra Aqua Safe Plus to address chlorine). Upon receiving PH kit it turns out my tap water is quite hot. Got a gallon of it in line and performed what I hope to be an appropriate watering today.

She’s not very old yet but I’m still pretty sure I stunted it a little and hope to be on the road to recovery.

Sprout May 1:

Present (May 12):

Will be grabbing some FF nutes ad cal mag, but not currently planning to use unless I see signs that they are needed since I want to get through this grow with as few variables as possible. If it goes well I’ll worry more about yield in the next round.

I’m plan to keep this thread updated for my own tracking but certainly appreciate any and all insight as I continue to learn through this first grow!

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Welcome to the forum

Still looks to wet at this stage you want to water away from the stem so the roots search for the water and grow but small amounts, looks like the entire top of the soil is wet
Shouldn’t need any nutes for at least 4 weeks with FFHF

Are you exhausting air to the outside of the tent?
How big is the new pot?
What’s current RH and temps?

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Yes that was right after watering. Pic below is current state as of this morning.

I do plan on watering from outside in on the next round, appreciate that call out!

Pot is a 5 gallon fabric.

And yes, exhausted outside the tent I just meant that fan and filter are inside and on intake (as opposed to some who mount filter outside and “push” the air through it).

RH is at 49%, temp is just over 70f at the moment.


Sounds like you are better prepared and informed than many first timers here. Sounds like you are willing to take advice when offered and that will be a good quality as there will be plenty of that.
Welcome and enjoy the journey you are have embarked on. It will be a wild ride I imagine as it is for most of us.
Good luck to you. :four_leaf_clover: + :brain: + :seedling: = :deciduous_tree:


You will want that higher for the veg stage.

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The room itself typically is higher than at present. Low humidity is a short lived event here so I’m debating riding it out a few days vs possibly grabbing a small USB intermittent humidifier and keeping a close eye on it. I did slightly slow the vent fan when humidity dropped.

That said, as long as the RH doesn’t stay that low for long (which I’m sure it won’t), OK to ride it out or do you think its worth some wet towels or similar to get thought the next day or two before its back up…?

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Ride it out, won’t hurt for a few days here and there :sunglasses:


might consider putting a ventilated clear plastic cup over it as a humidity dome.
mist the inside every 4 hours. makes a difference

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The tent is up to 61% at the moment but if we have another drop while she’s still small I may give that a go.

As an aside, am I the only lunatic who put a security cam in there to keep an eye on things…? :rofl:

a doberman would be cheaper… :nerd_face:

LOL. Just an old WiFi cam I wasn’t using, absolutely not for “security” purposes but great to see how things are going and open the tent less.

Some growth from yesterday but still slow.

The leaves seem healthy, lowering the light to 18” and will keep a close eye on her.

Added a small water bottle fed travel humidifier yesterday afternoon which actually seems sized pretty well for the small 2x2 tent. RH is now 62%.

Still slow but growing.

Soil was also very dry so this is right after spraying some additional water.

Also still concerned about how much acid I had to use to lower my Tap PH so RO Buddie arriving tomorrow.

She seems to be getting a little happier.

RO buddy arrived and in use. Seems like a pretty solid little unit, particularly at its price!

Plant seems to be getting happier and is hopefully past its stunt now. CalMag arrives tomorrow and I’ll start adding to the water on arrival.


Another day and seeming healthy.

CalMag arriving today. If anyone more experience happens along this thread, 1ml per gallon of RO water sound appropriate for the time being?

@Hellraiser @Nicky @Covertgrower @imSICKkid
Hey gang, hopefully its OK to tag a few of you. Been reading a lot of this forum and VERY much appreciate the knowledge each of you specifically have shared (as well as many more).

If you don’t read the whole thread, just a quick question - FF Happy Frog soil in a fabric pot. Started running RO water and my understanding (even in soil) is that RO water should be supplemented by some CalMag even before the soil needs any additional nutes.

Looking for some verification on that and if 1ml / Gallon of RO is a good starting point.

Appreciate all you do for this community!


Yes, you want to run calmag with RO water. The exception to this rule is if you’re using Jacks 321.



As covert said, yes add cal mag.

Remember not to water to run off while. Growing in soil, until you start running nutrients then you want 20% run off to avoid a nutrient build up /salt build up. That will lead to PH and then lockout problems and you may not notice until you see deficiencies.

Feel free to ask for sure, tag me and your more likey to get a response as I always look at tags first.


Thanks gang, 1ml per gallon of RO sound like a good place to start?