CygnusX1 Grows Humbolt Hi-Biscus

I’m in NW VA. How far into SW? I would love to have some of this strain…


You on IG? CyngusX101 :wink:
Or on the “other” grow forum with initials GN?

I’m on GN.

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Looking good sirm u got this no sweats

Thats pretty cool man, its a unique strain for sure. Maybe clone it and keep a clone mother around. They dont need a lot of maintenance


She has landed in a great home…. :slight_smile:

Met up with @Newt on Saturday and he’s already cut a few clones and transplanted the “mother” to grow out! He’s going to keep killing it with these genetics!

Anyone not already following his grow, you should be… :wink:

This should link to his thread with a few shots from adoption day.


Update coming soon, but check out this fan in the meanwhile….



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Alright, so really not much new to report and the grow so-far is pretty much on auto pilot.

Started some low level training on the HiBiscus (already topped):

The Cherry Cotton Candy is a bit behind for two reasons. 1 - the seed was started later due to the second HiBiscus failing to break ground, and 2 - I transplanted both from Solo to bags at the same time (which was early for the Cherry). She stalled a bit (as I expected) while she laid down roots but is picking up speed nicely now.

I expected to have to top feed this one since “technically” it was way early to leave her to her own devices with the Autopot on, but she didn’t care a bit.

Ready to be topped soon.

And here’s another of the several large fans I took off the HiBiscus next to the AC Infinity fan for size (yeah yeah, a fan in front of a fan….).

Nutes are still Jack’s at 3.6, 2.4, 1.2 per gallon of RO with a bit of Tap added for PH. Mixed to top of the res in 3 gallon batches when needed.

I’ve pretty much dialed in and am able to run a timer for the RO, count off 10 seconds of tap water and go. PH has been spot on each time to the point that I’m no longer even bothering to check it unless I see an problems in the plants.

Happy growing all!


Beautiful work sir. Killing it

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Another quick update. One shot of both plants before touching.

Topped the Cherry Cotton Candy, and did some more defol and a little more twisty tie down action with the HiBiscus (after photo included as well).


You are killing it, brother!!!


Everything sure looks more than happy in your tent(s) as well @Newt

I was considering finally breaking down and running a net this grow, but since they ended up off to different starts, I’m pushing that out a cycle. Will be fun to see how I can get things going with a little more twisting / tying than usual.

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I love how Hellraiser never moves but always seem to have the perfect pose!
today he’s giving us the “and this I give unto you” pose!

He’s bound to be proud of his healthy ladies though! I’m sure you are!! :laughing:

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They ready 2 take over that tent man

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Not much new to report other than both plants are rockin’ and rollin’.

Defoliation and LST continues.


Cherry Cotton Candy:



Looking like… “There be monsters” you would see on old maps. :slight_smile:


Lol, no doubt… Waiting for the Cherry Cotton Candy to play a little more catch-up before I flip them, but likely pretty soon!

Alright, alright, time for this complete slacker to post a quick update…

Lights have been flipped to 12/12 and they are getting Jack’s Bloom nutes (5.6g + 1 g epsom per gallon of RO).

Both seem happy and healthy.

The Cherry Cotton Candy is a bit of a runt in comparison (mostly because she got a later start) / I could have waited longer but we’re off regardless. :slight_smile:


Lookin awesome in there!!
When I get a plant smaller than the rest I use pieces of 2” foam insulation cut out to the shape of the tray to prop them up a bit. It seems like there’s always 1…

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