CygnusX1 Grows Cherry Ice Cream

I’m looking at the mighty+. Have it in my cart at planet vape. 20% off right now. I showed it to the wife and asked her to get it for my birthday. She looked at me and said ‘you don’t need that’. And walked away. Of course I said okay. I’ll buy it myself hahahaha… it was the price that made her run.

Thanks for sharing brother Cygnus

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Have to give a +1 on the kind pen. I picked up the Truva Mini 2.0 recently and I have owned vapor brothers and volcano’s. You don’t have to run a whole session with it or the firefly, hit as ou need. Not the best for shared sessions, but perfect for me alone.


You’re going to love it. I really like the “dosing capsules” too. They’re brilliant actually.

It’s far more efficient than the PAX seems to be.


How do you like the firefly? I’ve heard great things about them when it comes to flavor.


It’s probably the best for flavor chasing for sure. Which I am. The firefly has a larger learning curve and doesn’t have an app for iPhones. You can still set manual temps but the app gives you better control. The Truva Mini gets great flavors and is more portable while you can set temps on the fly. Like I said I don’t care about clouds, I want terps,

If I have a freshly cured grow and I’m at home, I’m going with the firefly 2.0.

If I am going to be gone for the day or just want a few more hits, the Truva Mini 2.0

If I have people coming over, the volcano or vapor brothers. The follow up with some flavor blasts from the firefly and truva.


I should also add that the firefly 2.0 and Truva Mini 2.0 can be used as single hit devices, while the others are more of session devices.


Yeah, definitely considering adding a Firefly to the arsenal, sounds up my alley and a different enough from the others to justify.


Thanks for the tips, I got a Mason jar of abv from my volcano just never knew how to use it! lol


I have 2 massive jars of ABV as well, I want to run everclear through it but without a way to purge the leftover solvent I think I may just toss it…

@CygnusX1 your cats a Russian blue?

I will be following your grow to see if yours Herm, I was also given a couple of these seeds and I really hope we can plant a handful, and find a true female to get some of that final flower.

@gtyme420 it’s to hard to say, the research isn’t finished.
The researches need to find out the ideal nutrient levels for veg and flower, we know Jack’s works great but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. So to boost it by 20% from what Jack’s 321 doesn’t really make sence. We have only been told they use about 20% more PK in flower than in veg.

For me my Flower mix is
If calcium issues 3.7/2.5/1.1

I found 4/2/1 to not work for me on two grows, it also depends on the strain, the issue with growing different strains every time or non clones is every genetic will act differently.


I did a small amount of AVB with everclear just to test. After freezing, combining, shake, soak, strain etc… I just let it evaporate off. It worked perfectly well but was obviously wasteful and certainly not something that is sustainable but the oil definitely hit quite hard.

Still thinking about investing in the Source Turbo.

Yes, the rest is an unknown mix but there’s a lot of Russian Blue in there and he carry’s all of their personality traits.

On the herms, yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I do think I’m going to try that preventative foliar spray. Probably order it up this week now that they’ve sprouted.


Quick weekend update.

Domes are removed. #1 had a helmet head which was gently removed Friday evening.


Looking good,

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Both are sayin’ Hi there y’all!

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Nice babies healthy

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This is random, but your autopot guide from a couple years back was incredibly informative, thank you so much for documenting it all so intently. Was a great read, and I walked away from it feeling much better about trying an autopot myself


No major changes but the ladies seem happy. A little leggy so I lowered (physically) the lights a bit, now at about 20 DLI. Still watering lightly as needed (about once per day as RH is pretty low this time of year) with the AN Sensi Coco Grow at 1ml/L.


@GrimJack, picked up a Firefly 2+ locally. Very nice piece. I’ll report back after some more use this eve, but packed up a little bowl and man, this thing really does heat up super fast and throws great flavor already.

Very early, but I think I agree that this will be a GREAT at-home on-demand device. Crafty + or Pax are certainly the best if out & about. I’ll probably still lean toward the Crafty since its so easy to pack and carry a few dosing capsule.

Worth mentioning, I was able to use the “Connect Browser” app on my iPhone (basically a browser that handles bluetooth connections) and the Firefly web app to get most if not all features that would be in the native Android app.

Same browser works well for me to access the Pax 3 and Crafty + settings as well. Each company built a decent enough web app after Apple booted the native apps a few years back.



Greetings and thank you for your time,
Let me know how the new version of the firefly works for you. I had the first one that came out. I liked it in the size, fairly quick on start up, flavor. However I don’t know how they have the top cover sealing now a days. But mine if you get alcohol during clean up, close to the cover gasket it will come off and mine I had trouble with it sealing time and time again, I had to squeeze it to draw properly, I hope they have improved since the old one. I also dropped mine ever so lightly and it made a crack on the mirror top. I couldn’t keep the mouth piece in and it was always falling out. But I was tempted to return to the firefly 2, but felt once bitten, I ended up with a Zeus Smite and a Litl vape for a one hitter. The Smite for flavor and taste since it has three level power settings. They have many more modules to choose from Zeus. The Litl vape I mostly use but it only has one setting. I am not trying to put the firefly down I want one again but only if they have changed the build of the problems I mentioned. So many choices and cautions as well.
Hope you enjoy your new vape, take care.
And thanks for your help and support!

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Yeah, time will tell on the gasket but I’ve seen complaints about that as well. My plan is to clean as carefully as possible (little ISO on a paper towel etc…). Feels like cleaning shouldn’t need a lot of solution so I’m hoping that will be the case.

Again, this is based on first impressions but I probably wouldn’t recommend it for a first or only vape for various reasons. BUT, there aren’t many other options when it comes to quick heat one-hit type devices.

The Pax and Crafty etc… Are amazing, but are totally more geared (and better at) full sessions.

IF you want an on demand vape with great flavor to supplement others this feels like a win despite some shortcomings.

Dynavap are great too, but I use those more when I want to sit and go through a bit of a ritual to consume. Which I really to like as well at the right times.