CygnusX1 Grows Cherry Ice Cream

Yep, “should”. Always good to have someone else join the madness, do it!!


Ok then…I’ll stop and get water on the way home. lol You know what DLI I should be shooting for? They for sure need to be fed…only had a splash of water a couple days ago since chop, but greenery looks good.

I need to update my thread…haven’t looked at it in days it seems like. And paper bags are finished…time to trim! After the wife and I go mattress shopping. Fun.



Honestly not sure what’s best. I didn’t measure DLI but set to about where I start seedlings / very early veg.


So… Revegging can make use of copious amounts of light. Like 24 hours a day, at a relatively high intensity. If you’re measuring DLI, I would shoot for 24 hours with a measured DLI of 50 to 60, for 2 weeks. Which is way too much for your babies. After that initial 2 weeks, you should be able to back your DLI down to 30 or so, but it still may be too much for the babies.

Good luck!


Thanks for that info @Newt . This is completely new to me.

Upped the lights (not to max but to roughly standard veg levels). Added water to the res with Jack’s at 3-2-1 ratio (both yesterday).

Let’s see what happens!


Looks good and I’m glad to hear you and @MaD-VapoR both didn’t get herms, we know it could produce herms as @Hellraiser mentioned he had the issue that didn’t turn into an issue but @ash93 had 3 plants herm on him just recently.
We btoh Recieved his seeds.

@Hellraiser did get sick for a while but then was back, to be honest the way he was I doubt he got busted. He was very careful, as those who he mailed seeds to know considering the fake addresses and only communicating through the forums and he uses a secure paid VPN.
His setup was also hidden well.
So he’s not the type of person to put him self in those situations and considering the fee details I know of his personal life he may be a very busy man but has lots of knowledge and enough income to do things right.

He may have personal stuff going on or just got tired and bored of ilgm and just stopped logging on.
Alot of people who are here for 3+ years start to fade out. I’m still here but life gets busy and there is no need to be on the forums for my growing I just am because work is boring at times and I like to give back to the community.

It’s more likey that he got bored, busy or worst case got sick injured or worst case died. No one would know because of how careful he had to be because of his state laws.

But I would bet money against him getting busted.
He’s not on the other forum he sometimes dropped into either… So he’s not online.


@Nicky Yeah I’d also be completely shocked if it were any kind of bust. He did check in to say he’d been very busy at work with some server issues, said he’d be back then complete radio silence.

I had tried him on the other site as well. Just hoping is well with himself and the family health-wise, etc.

I’m behind on quite a few journals myself so know full well life can sometimes get in the way. :sunglasses:

Appreciate ya checking in on this grow…!


I am just hoping it isn’t some sort of accident or health issue. In the immortal words of Crosby Stills, and Nash “You will survive being busted.”


Theres a section in one of hellraisers threads about revegging. I believe he was revegging the blueberry dream if you can find it. I’ll try to find it for you as well

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I really feel like I’m tempting fate even considering re vegging an already hermi prone plane but we’ll see what happens…


Good point… only 1 way to find out I guess

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View isn’t too bad this evening…


Very nice, where you at?

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Antigua. :sunglasses:

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Man love that country. Went there when i was a kid for a soccer tournament

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Well, I decided to pull the plug on the reveg. While it was starting growth I’m not sure how timing would have worked out and also didn’t want to have to transplant her. Running it in the same coco didn’t seem ideal.

Beyond all that I didn’t want to push my luck given they are hermie prone (though I had no issues myself with either plant).

Pulled off the last of the buds which should be some pretty heavy / sleep stuff.

The smoke remains very, very nice and there is cherry and some citrus notes coming through. Tastes amazing and hits hard, looking forward to. Fill cure.

Seeds have been popped for the next grow and I’ll start a new thread for that in the next day or so.

Reveg pics and the new grow below.


Keep us updated, and pinhead shall now be a staple monument to our dear friend @Hellraiser


Absolutely, decided he needs to stick around at this point.

Also forgot to add, new run will be Hi-Biscus feminized from Humboldt Seeds.


Bummer the reveg didn’t work out… I havnt done it in years but I’m about to try on the 1 killer dosido that I’d like to get some clones from

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And… Here we go: