CygnusX1 Grows Cherry Ice Cream

Ok, lets get this one growing…

This round will be 2 of the same for a change in the 2x3. Strain will be Cherry Ice Cream from our own incredibly generous @Hellraiser

My notes on the cross are below, he can correct me / add if I missed anything pertinent as it’s his strain:

Cross of Cherry Do Si Do (Vegas bag seed) crossed with Ice Queen (Clone from LA)

Expected to be Indica dominant with good trich coverage and dense / sticky buds

This seed run is the result of his first round of making fem seeds from clones of the current mother.

Thank you again @Hellraiser for sending some my way to grow.

Growing environment:

2x3 AC Infinity Tent

4” AC Infinity Fan + Carbon filter mounted above tent

HLG 135W QB V2 Rspec + SF-1000

Considering adding HLG UVA 30 at week 2 of flowering

Autopots (once plants are established)

3 Gallon fabric grow bags

Coco Coir + Pearlite (Roughly 70/30)

AN Sensi Coco Grow at the seedling stage

Jack’s 3-2-1 once plants are established and Autopots are turned on

Seeds will be dropped in a shot glass in RO water later today and will sit on the top of the fridge for ~24 hours. I’ll be skipping the Solo Cup this round and they’ll go straight into their final destinations once they sink.

Tagging a few growers, sorry if I miss anyone but come along for the ride, the more the merrier…

@Low @MadamCalamity @MaD-VapoR @AfgVet @Newt @Pinboy @Arrow @Bamamojo


@Loudman @jd77 @GrimJack @helicopterhigh @Woodbutcher78 @CalamityJane


Sweet! :sunglasses:

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thanks for the tag brother…set to watch…cant wait to see what you do with them… :sunglasses: :v:

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Dang how yall trading seeds and stuff i thought we couldn’t give out any info? That strain looks pretty cool tho im jealous! I’ve seen a couple of his posts before and they have amazing colors and sound really tasty! Good luck on your journey and may the bud gods be in your favor


Apparently you and me are the only two here NOT on IG! LOL!


Correct, no personal info exchange here, but there are many of us who have the same of very similar usernames in other places that allow PM’s etc.


Nice! I try to stay away from social media too much drama lol. I do Facebook and most the times thats too much. Mainly for the funny memes anymore

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Awesome man! Thanks for the tag and excited to see your grow. My CIC’s were just transplanted into 1 gals and are finally in my 4x4. Updates coming shortly.

:cherries: :icecream: :heart:


Yessir, I’ve been following along on your grow as well… Watching in the background. :slight_smile:

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I lurk around a couple of BMW boards - my other passion, but rarely post there.
ILGM is the only social media i use…
I was on Facebroke about 30 minutes before I realized i was way too mature for all that and closed my account!
Of course it took about 3 years of almost daily emails from them before they realized that I wasn’t interested in being on their site!
Get over it Zuck - my money you will not get! That’s for Bezos. At least he offers a product i can use and not a bunch of braggart children chatting about the minutia of daily life and what they had for dinner


Count me in!!!

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So this is a different Cherry Ice Cream than the Lit Farms version?
Learn something new everyday!

Not familiar with theirs but can confirm this isn’t it. All of the credit for this creation goes solely to @Hellraiser and there is info on the strain through several of his threads. Really looking forward to seeing what the phenos look like as he continues to work to stabilize the genetics.


Yeah, theirs is a indica blend of Cherry Dos-si-dos and Cherry Cream Pie!
I guess the government probably won’t let you trademark the name for a product they consider illegal! LOL!
I almost bought the Lit farms version thinking it was the same, but the best i could find was 10 regs at $150!!
Had they been fems I’d have them but I’m not a good enough grower to waste time or money on males quite yet! LOL!

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Next time I run regular seeds I’ll be using a genetic testing service, for sure. You can get very early results that way (you can take the sample to ship off inside of 2 weeks).

Farmer Freeman is likely who I’ll use when the time comes.


Learn 2 somethings new everyday!!
What does the testing run?


For low quantities about $15 per test. Farmerfreeman dot com has lots of details. Haven’t used them myself yet but I’ve heard good things.

My last grow with regular seeds took a bit over 6.5 weeks from sprout to show sex so that would have been money well spent IMO…


Oh heck yea! Thanks for the tag :v:Set to watch definitely not gonna miss this!

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Set to watching brotha! I need to get in line for some of the fire genetics your growing. Hope you have a smooth grow!:+1::v: