Cygnus X1's 2nd Grow - The Coco Experience

Option 3 would give you the most possible yield if that matters to you, and I would go with a HLG 260 XL for the better spread. 2 SF1000s are a little under-powered for a 2x4 for best results being only 100 watt lights.

Out of the first 2 options, I would prefer option 2 and you can watch the HLG 135 outperform the SF1000.

Really not a huge benefit IMO, I can adjust heights just fine by placing things under my shorter plants to raise them up to make an even canopy, I’d rather do that than have lights at different hanging levels.

I’d go with a 6" fan for a 2x4, specially if planning on using a carbon filter.


Appreciate the insight for sure. I pretty much expected option 3 would be the likely consensus.

The XL version is effectively just a larger heat sink to spread the QB’s out a bit better for the 4’ wide space it seems?

While yield isn’t everything, I certainly want to get the most out of the time and $ invested per grow.

My immediate goal is to make smart investments (in both hardware and skills), push myself a bit, while also not getting too far ahead of myself given I’m still waiting to harvest my first grow…




Ya, I think Hellraiser and I share same opinion. If you have nothing, tmi would definitely just snag a 260 xl kit and call it a day. If you’re tryouts to use stuff you have and not spend more than necessary, I wouldn’t buy another inexpensive light. To me that is just another temporary fix that you will likely replace later.

I also feel 6" fan is best option.


Makes perfect sense. Honestly when I picked up the SF1000 it was with the intent that it would likely stay in the 2x2 for veg purposes anyway and I’d likely start fresh for a second tent. While not the best available, its far better than the Mars 600 was and I have no concerns using it for that purpose.

If push came to shove, I wouldn’t hesitate to flower with it again in the 2x2 given I already own it…

260 XL kit it is.

Now comes the harder part of clearing the space out… I’ve got a perfect spot, but its currently consumed by a large rack and lots of items that will need to be evicted / relo’d. The wife’s going to be thrilled. Thankfully she consumes as well. :wink:


I would have to agree there. I have a 4in in my 2x2 and it barely creates negative pressure. Its an ac infinity too.

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I’ll admit I’m surprised to hear that.

Not that I’d need a 6” but that you’re having any problems in a 2x2. Sides of mine pull in even with one of the lower side vents 1/2 way open. And that’s with a no name 4” at about 3/4 of the way up.

I do know I’ve read that the first gen AC Infinity 4” kind of struggled, but I’d still expect them to outperform an off brand version. Mines a little loud but moved plenty of air even with the filter.


And, Sick’O’Berry #1 enters the room…


I’m not completely sold on my 4in ac fan. It is louder that the 6in and doesn’t seem to pull as hard. I do have it outside of the tent, pulling air out, and blowing out through the carbon filter… could that be the cause? I have my 6in in the tent pulling through the filter and blowing outside. Hmmmm

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I moved my fan and filter outside of the tent as well for more head room (no name 4”).

It’s not the quietest but moves plenty of air for the 2x2. Noise doesn’t bother me much since it’s in the utility side of our basement anyway. Can’t hear it from the “finished” side at all.


Aight…I’m plugged in and watching! Fingers crossed for females!


You’re going to love the Sick O Berry