Cygnus X1's 2nd Grow - The Coco Experience

Starting this up now to keep things separate since my first grow / journal is still ongoing…

Below is a summary of the set-up and approach.

Plant 1 - Bag Seed (have several unknown, but the smoke was good and it’ll be good to play with a Photo)
Plant 2 - Another Gelato Auto (same as first grow)

2x2 Mars Hydro tent
SF-1000 LED (current version with Meanwell driver / Samsung LED)
4" Inline fan (fan and filter located outside of tent for head room)
3 gallon fabric pots

Current plan is to FIM the auto, and Top the Photo with LST for both as appropriate.

Last run was in Happy Frog soil and the current run will be in Coco using AN’s Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom nutrients (Added to RO water).

Should be a lot of learning ahead for me in this grow with several firsts. Starting with a big assumption - if I keep these plants under control, the SF-1000 will be enough light to carry both through flower in the 2x2.

Ok, maybe 2 big assumptions - Second being that the current Gelato Auto will be harvest ready before the new girls (fingers crossed on that one) outgrow solo cups.

Dropped the bag seed in some RO water yesterday and the Gelato Auto today.

I’ll update when there are signs of life.


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The more the merrier if anyone wants to come along for the ride. OT chat as always is cool by me as well, this should be a fun one… :slight_smile:


A few more things just to keep this near the top. Other items in play:

  • Rainpoint Irrigation - Used to cover any time away where watering is required
  • Apera PH meter (hopefully less need this round with the AN Sensi)
  • PPM Meter (forget brand off-hand - El cheapo with good reviews…)
  • 500ML Syringe / hose for sucking up runoff
  • El Cheapo Amazon cell phone clip on Macro lens
  • Govee WiFi Hygrometer / Thermometer (I love this thing)
  • WiFi Cam in the tent (used primarily if / when away)
  • RO Buddie

Thanks for the tag! Set to watch!


Hell Yeah !!! …on board… back left corner …beers biltong and buds …set to match …:sunglasses::v:


I’m there thanks for the invite

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Set to watch…I’ll be more active next week. It’s been “hell week” here for me. Only thing that is keeping me sane is Cherry Pie. lol


Thank you for the invite @CygnusX1! Excited to follow along!

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Thanks for the tag @CygnusX1 I’ll be watching! Good luck with the grow


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Everyone please welcome to the world Gina Gelato who has shown her head this morning for the first time.

Pretty big change of plans for her roommate.

Bag seed has not popped, so she’ll be sharing space with Sick’O’Berry!

Will be dropping 5 seeds hopefully Friday evening. They will grow in solo cups until sexed and the strongest female will become Gina’s growing buddy.

@imSICKkid, tagging you in if I didn’t already!


You will love the Sick’O’Berry! I’ve had nothing but good reviews on it


Getting close…


Spreading the love everywhere!!!


Looked you up on ig. @imSICKkid You are doing amazing work my friend! Are you using seedbanks to distribute?


Or better yet, how can I get some of that?


Just shoot me a message on IG


Will do. I don’t have ig but used the wife’s to lurk. Ill sign up for that though!


You won’t be disappointed!


Quick question for those following along, and going to add @dbrn32 in on this one as well.

Going to spend some time this weekend to see if I can clear up enough space to add an AC Infinity 642 (2x4x60") tent into the mix in my grow space.

If I go that road, is there any benefit in a single light vs running 2 side by side in that space? Feels like the most flexibility would be by running 2 as I could adjust height / intensity independently as I’ll be running different strains both now and likely pretty regularly in the same tent space.

I’m running a SF1000 now in the 2x2, and have a Mars 600 setting so my options are…

1 - Run the SF1000 and add another in a 2x4 to take advantage of the ability to connect controls (or always cut that cord for independent control if needed)
2 - Run the SF1000 and add an HLG 135 RSPEC on the other side
3 - Leave the SF1000 in the 2x2, run an HLG 260 V2 RSPEC in a 2x4 and leave the old Mars 600 idle to at least have something as an emergency backup

Options 1-2 seem the most logical to me, but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Also to validate, I assume a 6" fan would be more appropriate than 4" in a 2x4 space or is that size in a gray land where I could realistically run either?

Thanks all, one way or another, things are going to get interesting pretty quickly and either way I’m going to be pushing my limits a bit, so this should be a fun ride…!