Cyco nutes any1?

What are people’s thoughts on cyco nutritions?


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I have not heard of thse nutrients. but there may be others here who may have.


Sorry never heard of that company I use fox farms and Nectar for the Gods but when the nutrients that I have now are gone I plan on getting one of the nutrient lines that are offered here to try . The genetics of the seeds and service provided here has me thinking it can just be a one stop shopping spot for me anyhow


Do a little research through google, I have recently and theres heaps of info on cyco. Many growers have completely given up all other nutrients after doing side-by-sides with cyco. I haven’t really read many bad reviews on them, which is making me more inclined to try them next season. One thing I’ve noticed is lots of people sub in AN’s big bud and overdrive in the mid to late flowering to get better results, but other than that the rest of the cyco line seems to go really good. This isn’t off personal experience of course. The hydro shops near me all sell cyco and canna, I’ve recently run out of AN micro and only had the grow and bloom left, and you need micro for the N properties while vegging. So instead of ordering online i went to the local shop and brought cyco grow A+B, used it a couple times now and alls going good so far. Ill only be using it till flowering then I’ve got a whole lineup of AN to use but till then, cyco seems to be going fine.

I have used the full range once before and had 40oz from 11 plants with 3
600w in a 2.4x1.2x2.0. 3 week veg but it was my first grow and have nothing
to compare it to

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Did you use the XL? Thats the only one of their additives that I’ve read mixed reviews on. Seems to cause insane amounts of stretch but can be useful if used for a short time around week 3-4 of flower. Also could be great for filling out a scrog. Not much use for outdoors id say as they grow big enough as it is and extra stretch will only weaken the plant when they face tough conditions.