CVaults for curing- are they worth the price for a small grow?

If possible I am looking for feedback on users experience. Seems easier to open one canister and not several for burping. Not sure if it is worth the money vs buying Mason Jars. The last batch of jars I got for canning 1/2 came broken. TIA and stay safe


I believe @Hellraiser uses cvaults

Easier yes, safer, maybe not so much. If you cure your whole crop in the same container you run risk of molding your entire crop. It only takes two spores to grow mold. Two spores, high humidity, high co2, and a dark spot. All this describes the environment of a curing container perfectly. It would suck to have one lil nugg that was contaminated ruin your months of hard work. I could be wrong here but, it seems to me the best way to go would be to jar them for the first leg of the cure. 2 weeks or so depending. Once that far into the cure you could combine them all into one container only having to burp it once a month or so. At that point if you were gonna have molding in your buds it would be noticed already.
Buying glass products online might not be the best call. You can get mason jars at any Walmart, I’ve seen them at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and ace hardware as well.

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Could I use 1 quart plastic storage containers like what Chinese soups came in?

I have heard you can as long as the plastic is considered food safe, otherwise a plastic taste will seep into your buds. That alone had me sold on glass

I got mason jars at a dollar tree once for a buck a jar

Yes, also much easier to regulate the humidity in one container than 20 jars, which is a nightmare.

I feel they are very worth the money. I have 4 of the 8 quart models (can hold a pound each) and love them.

Sure, I used to use large tupperware containers before moving to cvaults - much prefer the cvaults, stainless steel better than plastic.

Thanks just got a four liter one.

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