Cuttings - clones Now what do I do?

Don’t laugh they seem to like the mood light
The two in the black pots have been in there a week.
The small one is in the same water since 7/2. Plan on moving into regular grow soil tomorrow and will keep it domed.
Are the other 2 ready to be treated as a seedling? They have been under the deli containers since I put them in soil.

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Depends on whether they have rooted and if the roots developed enough to sustain the plant. With just a week into, would not count on it. That’s the problem with cloning into soil, can’t see if there are any roots, so it’s usually a wait and see game, if they live, they made roots, if they die, well they didn’t grow roots obviously.


So leave them covered?

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The ones in soil, just water or something else? I tried an experiment when I topped my GL FEMS. Put them in soil and watered with Clonex solution. Dont look like they will make. Just my luck, aero cloner showed up 3 days later.

When I was doing some trimming I figured lets see what happens. No expectations. But they have survived this long.

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I’d treat them as is they have no roots for another week and keep them covered, then treat them like a seedling and hope they grew roots. Even in best cases, clones won’t have good roots after a week but they generally do by 2 weeks.


Hey @Hellraiser @beardless @Bow4Buck my leaves need diagnosis…

Like :laughing:

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My expert diagnosis: your leaf is green and gigantic.


You know, I think you may be right?


Reminds me of the leaves I used to get from the Sour Bubble plants, as big as dinner plates.


High RH% causes leaf enlargement syndrome :sunny: :sunglasses:

I was told size doesn’t matter.

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My clones are 5 days in soil, under domes. They did 72hrs under light, then 18/6. I think the tops are close - but I’ll give them another 2-3 days to sweat (had to upgrade domes). Hopefully they will be good - they look like they will.

Did you cut the clones from a plant in veg or flower?

Iv never taken a clone from a flowering plant. Iv found it increases the chance of turning herme.

I soak all my cuttings in ph balanced water for 4 days before they go in soil. Soaking longer alows the cutting to absorb as much water as possible.

They were in water for at least 4-5 days before I got some rooting hormone and put them in soil. Similar to the little one.

I have 1 leaf thats just shy of 2 feet! Thats measured from leaf tip to end of stem. Oh and if you magnify this image a tad, check out fhe fully formed branch growing out of this leaf stem

or this double thickness leaf? Super wierd defect


What do you do with them after soaking in water for 4 days?

After they soak. One by one, i remove from water, dry with paper towel, cut the end at 45 deg and dip in clone x,

Here is a link for my grow journal, for more info on my cloning and sesd starting.