Cutting stems out of buds before putting in mason jars

My cannabis stems just snapped today after hanging upside down for 9 days with the fan leaves left on. I just cut the fan leaves off, started to snips off the sugar leaves. My question is about the buds, should the tiny stems be cut off them? How big of a bundle (don’t know the correct term) should I leave together?

I think that is a personal choice

I use a vaporizer. How about the bundle, do they cure better if I take them apart in the mason jar? How about the sugar leaves, do they need curing before I put them in brownies?

Trim leaves before hanging, less chance of developing mold / promotes faster drying

Most people like to leave buds as large as possible

I cure and then freeze my popcorn bud and sugar leaves before using

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Do you have to cure your sugar leaves in a mason jar just like the buds and do they take less time since they are already pretty dry?

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I usually just put my sugar leaves in a freezer bag, shake the crap out of them and collect all the keef for baking purposes. They should be fairly dry to begin with so no curing is necessary. now if they are wet at all I would let them dry for a little bit before using.

If using sugar leaves (trim) for making brownies you don’t need to cure them. Just throw them in the freezer until the day you’re ready to use them.

If branches are snapping then your buds are ready to begin cure! Congrats!


One more question, so far I’ve found 6 little seeds on the bottom of bowl. Can you use these to grow more plants?

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Definitely! And I recommend you give them a try! Are the white and soft, or dark and hard?

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Dark and hard, some of them. I’m finding of lots of them, 16 so far. Only 7 are brown and hardx

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Is it best to pull your plants in daylight or dark when you go to hang them up? Thanks.

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Depends on who you ask :sunglasses: Read a lot about putting in dark for 2-3 days then chopping supposed to boost something
I don’t do it. Of course I grow cheap and lazy


I grew mine cheap too

Theres 24in. of White Widow!
or more I dunno. Awsome !!


Love it mate. What a plant the white widow.

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