Cutting shade leaves a setback to plant


Haha no way🤣 I thought I chatted with you earlier but it was @garrigan65


I wish my plants grew as fast as you respond.


We all wish our plants grew faster, but they’re plants.


Ain’t that the truth


Nice to meet you @raustin … Im sure I’ll have some questions come flower stage in a few weeks if that’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice to meet you too, just tag me whenever you have a question. I’m usually pretty fast, but I sometimes have a life too. Lol


Topping and Fimming is something I would recommend to any grower because you’re going to get a lot more good growth wherever you did it at I’m not afraid that I’m going to kill a plant, so I even do it on the lower nodes. When I prune the bottom third of the plant in the 3rd week of flower, if I can see a lower node is going to have a bunch of little buds I cut it.



appreciate the reassurance from someone who’s done it before👍 thanks Pepe


The good thing is it will always make better growth to top or fim or both. And you’re welcome. Your in good hands with raustin


I think I just need this one grow experience to get the understanding of what to expect next. In my mind I have no prior visual knowledge of what to expect so the second grow I will see things coming a little more. Hopefully :slightly_smiling_face:


Each grow you will get a little better. Hell, I’ve got 8 successful grows and I’m paying on the lab side to learn to be even better after 8 grows.


Ive been hearing about LAB but waiting for a special deal to Come my way. For US $ its too expensive ATM