Cutting off lower secondary buds

Is this stuff I should be trimming off?

I cut off those near the main stem that have little chance of producing a healthy flower. Typically those near the center of the plant. The objectives of thinning them out is to increase airflow and maximize light penetration.

I made the mistake of topping the main top and also topping the nodes under it, so now the branches arent strong enoigh to support the buds.

Half plant is starting to slump over. I’m bracing now.

Adding a silica product and/or seed sprout tea can help strengthen plant structure. It works amazingly well.

I would suggest tying those leaning branches up to support them.

In the process of bracing, trying to figure whats worth saving in that last bunch thats slumped over

Did you use a fan that’ll strengthen them next time :v:

Used these fans

In vegetative growth, you can use a more forceful fan without too much concern. Also, even if you don’t use an aggressive “supercroping” technique, you can do a lot of low stress training, bending the stems over, and letting them work to bend back up.

You can stake these flowers up or build a scrog (or similar frame. I’ve heard people talk about yo-yo style supports, but I haven’t seen those myself.


Just not enough movement across plants LST also would’ve helped make stronger branches.