Cutting off a bud

i cant hold the microscope steady, will it hurt any thing to cut one of the buds off so i can put it under the micro so i can see it

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Nope, you’ll be just fine doing that. And you’ll have a little sample after it dries out.


Bonus round!

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I cut off pieces of flower to bring to my desk and look at it with a scope that has a steady base on it.

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thanks for the answer im gona do it today the outdoor plant is app 9 weeks old

cool now i fell safe aout it

9 weeks from sprout? If so its likely not time to bother checking trichomes yet.

If you want to post a picture in here we can probably give you a good idea if its time to start looking yet.

You want most of the white pistils turned brownish and receding. At that point you’re ready for closer inspection. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious but don’t want to see you get to a place of taking cuttings way too early or too regularly.


thanks for the info took picture with camera on phone this morn and they dtill look mikky white will waite another week or so, first time buying auto flower girl scout cookie from ilgm so dont want to waste them , woud love to uo load pic but dont have a clue how to do that to old to kmow computers, thanks again for your help.

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