Cutting fan leaves

Hi there my plant nearly 3weeks now and she has some huge fan leaves that are blocking light from underneath growth she looks well but just wondering if cud take around four of the lower f/leaves off for more light to help or is it to early as not topped her yet either?

At this point no. Those leaves are providing energy via photosynthesis to the growing root zone.
What needs to happen now is a transplant into your final home like a 5 gallon container/grow bag.
Defoliation can happen later on down the line and judiciously when you do.


I would not.

Those leaves are mature, and are driving the majority of photosynthesis in your young plant. They represent a big expenditure of resources that the plant would need to replace.

Let them stay. Leave them until the turn dry and yellow.


By the way, welcome to the forum and
very nice looking plant. :+1: :+1:

See i remove those larger leaves to let light have access to the sites. But to each their own.

What are you growing? Auto or photo?
It is too young to have buds and the main reason to remove leaves is to get light to buds and provide adequate air flow. At that size air flow should not be a problem. Read up of when and why to defoliate as a maintenance technique and when and what to remove for specific purposes.

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Thanks for all your replies and advice, defo in a 50/50 mind set more advice or other options would be much appreciated :+1:t2:

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My counterpoint would be that apical dominance is more determinative than the response to light in deciding where the plant focuses resources.


Photo banana she be in her 3rd week tomoz…