Cutting early because of worms

Going to have to cut down early due to army worms. I have found at least 1 in about 10 different colas. How close d0 you all think my girl is to being done? Pics arent the best because I dont have a microscope and im doing a poor mans grow with no nutrients or fertilizer. I yried sevin for the worms but it didnt help.

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I just picked up a bottle of Jack’s Dead Bug Juice. It worked for my last 2. Heavy spray every other morning to get rid of bugs and worms, then every few days light mist for maintanence. Give a few upward sprays to get the underside of the leaves. It’s safe on flowers and washes off at harvest.

Whether you chop early, or get in under control and go a couple of more weeks, do a good thorough bud wash. Most do 1 cup 3% peroxide to 5 gallons of water. Sift thru the water for a minute or so, then rinse with shower sprayer

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I have literally 0 money to buy any insecticidal soap or anything. I have nothing at my house that would work as such except sevin that i use to kill ants in my yard. Im basically poor and live in a camper so my options are VERY limited. Its also been rainingnhere for the past week so it gets washed off 10 minutes after its sprayed on.

This plant is also probably 6 feet around and 13 feet tall so its almost impossible to get all the buds sprayed.

Good lord that’s a huge beast. The seven dust will only work on pests that come from the ground. Most caterpillars come from moths and other such flying pests. Or they fall from trees on web strands like baby spiders. I can’t count how many egg clusters I’ve found under leaves.

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Its actually the liquid sevin that goes on fruits and veggies. Suppose to be the best killer for army worms but again the rain washes it away ever day

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Those don’t look like they are too far from being done. At least some of the pistils are brown and curling.

If you can wait another week, it would be preferable. If not, what you have now will get you high. But if you can limp them to the finish line, the high will be stronger, and the smoke will be tastier.

I’d take it day by day. Check each cola and carve out anything that looks brown. What you lose may be gained in the plumping of the buds that are left.


Oh ok, I’m used to the powder. I would just stay vigilant. Like @LegalizeIt said, if you can ride her out another week, you’ll definitely have a higher high. Growing outdoors, chances are more than likely some buds will be lost. But with a monster like that, you’ll probably still have a good harvest.

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Iv been carving the tops off of water bottle size colas all week unfortunately its starting to hurt bastardizing my poor girl. I did notice one of the colas chuncked up from being ripped apart.

Never had worms this bad the entire time iv grown outside but this is the first year that the farmer next to me decided to preserve the field next to us for a government grant to grow more grasslands in illinois so im sure that has alot to do with it.

I have tall oaks all over and they hang like freaking Christmas ornaments all summer.

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I have a large oak tree in my yard about 60 feet from my grow space. The canopy doesnt hang over the plant but that could also be a culprit. Ok well im gunna try to wait it out another week or so i like my bud narcotic so it needs more time. Maybe it will quit raining one of these days and ill be able to spray my girl down real good. Thank you both for the input! I really appreciate it


It sr ill has a bit to go at least a week get jacks dead bug

Im poor as poor can be i have no money for amy kind of insecticide

You will feel it when the time comes. Either the plants will look good, or start to look bad.

Trust your gut. Harvest when you have to. But not a moment before!

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Its the shakesperion question to chop or not to chop.

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Another pic of the trics. Definitely alot of clear in there still.

U can look on the internet for a solution

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Well i looked it said that dish soap kills army worms. Of corse broke me doesn’t have dawn dish soap so i hope Palmolive works as well. Took me over an hour to spray all the buds and i think i still missed a few

do you have garlic or chili powder ? if so you can make a insecticide that will help with the bugs I had worms and aphids this year and i did captain jacks but if that is not an option for you try something home made. the garlic and chili powder makes it so butterflies wont land or lay eggs on your plants.
I found this on another post it helped me…
1cup veg oil mixed with 1 tablespoon soap (i used dr Bronners) im sure dish soap could work.
mix 2 teaspoons of that mixture with 1 quart of water and spray
2. is the garlic
Take 2 bulbs of garlic puree them
add 1 quart of water
let that site overnight strain into a jar add a teaspoon of soap
then add more water to fill jar
spray after it set for a day.
3. there is also a soap spray
1 1/2 teaspoon of mild liquid soap
mix wit h1 quart of water
apply as needed

Good luck I hope this helps you if you have no money for new things maybe you have these items already
I need to find the person who put these recipes up so i can give them the credit and thank them

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